7 easy ways to practice self care at home

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With more COVID-19 cases being confirmed in Canada, and people being encouraged to stay home and practice vigilant hygiene, many are feeling overwhelmed at the uncertainty surrounding the virus. 

With anxiety on the rise, and more and more people staying home, it’s easy to feel lonely and overwhelmed. An easy way to combat negative feelings and news cycles is to practice a bit of self care. While the words self care are often directly associated with getting out of the house and spa treatments, there are easier (and cheaper!) ways to practice self care at home.

If you’re tired of reading motivational quotes on Instagram and need to find new ways to provide the ultimate self care while social distancing, here are seven easy ways to practice self care at home. 

1. Treat yourself to an at-home pamper

Petal-Soft British Rose Premium Collection

Petal-Soft British Rose Premium Collection

Nothing helps relax the mind like a hot bath and a bit of “me time.” While the spa would be the usual first choice for a bit of relaxation, with the recommendation to self isolate on the top of everyone’s minds, opting for an at-home treatment is second best. Soak up in the British Rose pamper collection and treat yourself to a day at the (home) spa.

SHOP IT: Body Shop, $35

2. Take some time to meditate

The Reversible Mat 5mm in Lunar Rock

The Reversible Mat 5mm in lunar rock

By now we all know the benefits of meditation, and in a time where we’re navigating coronavirus and keeping the balance between productivity and safety, it’s more important than ever. The 5mm Lululemon Reversible Mat adds a bit extra cushion to your meditation making it easier than ever to zone out. If you’re a meditation rookie, apps like calm and headspace have extra free sessions to support those practicing self isolation against coronavirus.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $68

3. Get a solid at-home workout in

Elite Supplies Gliding Discs and Resistance Bands

Elite Supplies Gliding Discs and Resistance Bands

Sometimes the best way to combat the blues is by working up a sweat. Regular physical activity helps keep our minds fresh, sharp and positive, boosting positive hormones with every workout. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in. This gliding discs and resistance bands starter kit on Amazon is perfect for anyone looking to get a good sweat in, and bonus: you won’t annoy neighbours who live under you thanks to the nearly-silent nature of sliders and resistance band workouts.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $21

4. Give yourself a facial at home

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Mask

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Mask

Sometimes the best way to kick back and relax is by treating yourself to a facial. If you want spa-quality despite the fact you’re applying it in your bathroom mirror, then this Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Mask is just the thing. Intensely hydrating and warming, this honey face mask is infused with antioxidants to give you a glowing complexion with skin that is plump with hydration. Make your experience even more relaxing with your favourite Spotify playlist on repeat.

SHOP IT: Sephora, $75

5. Treat yourself to a new work from home sweater

Everlane Cashmere Square Turtleneck in Light Oatmeal

Everlane Cashmere Square Turtleneck in light oatmeal

Just because you’re likely working from home and won’t be crossing paths with anyone new over the next couple of days, doesn’t mean you can’t look nice. When working from home comfort is the ultimate goal, so why not treat your self to this cozy cashmere sweater from Everlane? Bound to be the most comfortable sweater in your remit, this turtleneck is in a relaxed - yet flattering - fit which is perfect for working from home.

SHOP IT: Everlane, $231

6. Stretch out tense muscles with an at-home massage

Lululemon Double Roller Mini in Lunar Rock

Lululemon Double Roller Mini in lunar rock

While it may not quite be the same as a luxurious massage in a spa, the Lululemon double roller will help you stretch out and soothe tense muscles. To really turn up the relaxation vibes, put on a calming playlist and light a candle or two. If you’re really needing some quality spa time, hop in the bath after a good stretch session.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $38

7. Give yourself a pro-quality manicure

Coscelia Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Coscelia Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Sometimes nothing feels better than a solid gel manicure. Glossy, well-manicured nails can be a silver lining on a rather dreary time. With most salons closing during the COVID-19 onset, you can still practice this beloved method of self care with an at-home kit. With 10 colours, a LED dryer and shaping tools, this Coscelia Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit has everything you need to perfect the at-home mani.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $56

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