The $7 Kitchen Find From Michaels That's Bound to Sell Out Soon

"I’ve never needed something more in my life."



Do you remember when themed kitchens were all the rage? I, myself, love a good kitchen with a theme: Tuscan vineyard, barnyard chic, or that one blue pattern that had geese all over it. Gone are the days of apples and strawberries adorning your kitchen alongside checkerboard prints—now, it’s all about a single color palette and minimalism.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more on the maximalist side of things and miss those retro kitchens. Luckily, a new collection from Michaels has sparked hope in me that themed kitchens are making a comeback.

Michaels Introduces New Italian Kitchen Collection

Did you know Michaels (as in the craft store) carries kitchen supplies and décor? I didn’t until I stumbled upon this adorable drop that the store recently showed off on its TikTok account.

The Italian Kitchen lineup brings the beauty of Italy straight to your kitchen. From adorable décor like a tomato can utensil holder to more functional items such as pizza and cheese boards and a ceramic fondue bowl, there are some must-have items in the collection. But the one product Allrecipes editors have their eyes on more than any other is this cute (and affordable) pasta-shaped dish.

The ceramic plate comes in three pasta shapes: farfalle, ravioli, and macaroni. Each plate costs $7, but Michaels currently has an online-only promotion running that can get you an additional 40% off.

My fellow teammates are not the only ones swooning over these adorable plates. "Oh I’ve never needed something more in my life omg the PASTA PLATE," writes one TikTok commenter. "I'm obsessed with the bow tie pasta dish," adds another.

The store’s website labels these dishes as dip plates, but they could be used for any appetizer or snack spread, making them ideal for dinner parties and summer BBQs. But be warned—this collection is quickly picking up traction all over social media so run, don’t walk to Michael’s.

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