7 signs you haven’t moved on from your ex

October 16, 2012
7 signs you haven’t moved on from your ex
7 signs you haven’t moved on from your ex

Sign you haven’t moved on 1: You keep cute mementos

We’re not suggesting that you start loading your car with expensive gifts from your ex and carting them down to the skip, but if you keep those cute little mementos that remind you of your time together, you’d be doing yourself a favour to get rid of them. You’ve kept the cinema tickets from your first date? And the pen that you seized from the hotel room where you first stayed together? Sheesh. By keeping hold of these objects you’re only prolonging the pain.

Sign you haven’t moved on 2: Drunken texting

You feel like you’re over your ex, but then on a night out you just can’t refrain from sending them an “I miass youuuUU” text and you’ve just proven yourself wrong. It gets worse when you spend the rest of the evening checking your phone for a reply and then – when this doesn’t happen – the beer tears start flowing. You cry yourself to sleep and wake up cringing the next day when you read through all of the texts you sent after the first one. Delete their number from your phone. Do it now.

Sign you haven’t moved on 3: You’ve become a serial stalker

If you find yourself getting spruced up only to hang around where your former flame usually goes, we’re afraid you’re not over them. Similarly, if you find yourself logging on to Twitter or Facebook solely to see if there has been a change to their relationship status or to see who that random cute girl/guy is who they’ve just become “friends” with (and whom you point-blank refuse to believe is their cousin), you need to chill out.

Sign you haven’t moved on 4: They’re in your bed

If you both intend for this breakup to be a serious one, don’t wake up with your former other half in your bed. Yes, your former snuggle bunny might be the only comfort that will help you get to sleep at the moment, but if you’re going to break up, you will someday need to learn to sleep without them. If you’re still having sex, this is a recipe for a breakup disaster, too. What will you do if/when your other half moves on and you’re left feeling used? You’re going to feel worse in the long run.

Sign you haven’t moved on 5: You call your ex “by accident”

If you find yourself wracking your brain for ways to get in touch with your ex, you’re definitely not over them. You accidentally-on-purpose phone him or her and then hang up in the hope that they’ll call back so you can say, “Oh, sorry – my phone must have called you from my pocket by accident.  Anyway, how are you?” Ladies and gentlemen, no matter how creative and smooth you think this move is, it’s an age-old trick that is so obvious, it makes us cringe.

Sign you haven’t moved on 6: You have a breakup playlist

You’ve had Adele’s Someone Like You on repeat since you broke up and you swear that the singer herself has been stalking you and used you as inspiration for the lyrics.  This is not to mention the slow motion collage of images from your relationship that float through your head every time you listen to the soppy song. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation recently, we can pretty confidently say that you aren’t over your ex.

Sign you haven’t moved on 7: You date someone similar

Of course you’re over your ex! You’re dating someone else who is kind, gorgeous and... just like your ex. This is a common sign that you aren’t over your former other half after all. If you’re moved on from this person then why are you trying to replace them with someone who is just the same?  Instead of trying to replicate what you lost soon after a breakup, you need to deal with your issues head-on to completely get rid of that pain. Once you’ve dealt with the pain you will feel refreshed and ready to move on with someone else (who probably won’t be anything like the ex). Read more on realbuzz.com...
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