70 Legitimately Incredible Deals From Amazon’s Black Friday Beauty Sale

Rachel Nussbaum
·5 min read

365mm/Stocksy/Adobe Stock

By this point, you’d have to be living in a rainforest to not know why seemingly every other package delivered is from Amazon (but drop a pin and we’d join you in a nanosecond). Here in coronavirus-ravaged America, online shopping is usually quick, easy, safe, and cheap — but come Amazon’s Black Friday season, “quick” and “easy” go out the window in favor of pages and pages of deep-cut deals.

Normally our approach to sales is “the more, the merrier,” but the downside to Amazon’s beauty section is that there’s an incredible amount of clutter on sale from brands you’ve probably never heard of. That mysterious emu-oil-black-diamond face mask might be a hidden gem, but more likely, it’s not worth your money — and when it comes to the furious pace of snagging deals, there’s no time to waste sorting through junk.

If you’re looking to shop from brands more often spotted in celebrity and beauty expert routines, we’ve sorted through Amazon’s 32 pages of Black Friday beauty deals to surface products you can trust at affordable, once-a-year prices. Deeply hydrating Korres moisturizers, high-tech skin tighteners, and Dior perfume are just a click away, as are Amal Clooney-approved T3 hair tools and anti-aging skincare from a Jennifer Lopez-loved brand.

Shop the best Amazon Black Friday beauty deals below.



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