The ’70s Bob Is the Cutest Cheek-Framing Chop

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Wanna know why the ’70s bob has got it going on? It takes the classic bob that we know and love, then adds some retro flair and personality. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that the whole ’70s aesthetic is back in a big way (see also: The Shag, The Farrah Flip, and the psychedelic prints that have been infiltrating fashion trends). The era steadily gained popularity throughout 2021, when we sought color and escapism and it remains a core reference for 2022.

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But among the ’70s most famous haircuts (and there are some bangers to choose from), flicky curtain bangs are one of the most enduring and popular styles of the decade. It’s not just that they're easy to adopt (they skip the growing-out pains of a regular fringe and blend seamlessly into layers), but they offer unparalleled face-framing action, lifting cheekbones and focusing the attention toward our eyes.

So if you want an update to 2021's headlining cut, the bob, we reckon adding a swoosh-y fringe is the perfect way forward….

7 ways to wear the ’70s bob

Iced blonde ’70s bob

The rounded voluminous shape and full flicked fringe is serving up a ’70s moment, but the icy platinum color keeps it current. 

Rocker ’70s bob

What's even better than a bob combined with a ’70s fringe? Throw in some shaggy layers for messy rocker vibes. 

Jaw-length ’70s bob

This combines a shorter Frenchie-style shape (a beloved classic, we hasten to add) with a cheek-framing ’70s fringe. We love.

Low-key ’70s bob

If you're still growing out a fringe, but you want to shift toward the ’70s aesthetic, this baby-flick fringe gives a low-key nod.

Outgrown ’70s bob

This is leaving bob territory and entering shag territory, but this outgrown bob shape is a cool way to wear the style if you're looking to hold on to some extra length.

’70s bowl bob

This rounded bowl bob is retro and cute, but throw in the ’70s fringe and it's a vibe (don't even get us started on the gorge copper color).

Sunshine blonde ’70s bob

Flicked, swoosh-y, airy, this is a beautiful way to wear the ’70s bob as we head into spring.

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This post originally appeared on Glamour U.K. 

Originally Appeared on Glamour

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