The 8 Best Glitter Nail Polishes for Grown-Ups

Glitter Polish
Glitter Polish

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When I was first introduced to glitter as a child, I was mesmerized by how sparkly and pretty I thought it was. As an adult, I can concur that not much has changed. I still find myself subconsciously walking toward shiny things, but instead of the chunky, arts and crafts type of glitter, my sense of style has become a little more refined.

Glitter nail polish is one of the most stylish ways to wear this trend, and I've tried them all. I've painted on everything from sloppy formulas that look less-than-chic to the ride-or-die lacquers I recommend to everyone I love. So, here's the no B.S. list of the best glitter nail polishes to glitz up your beauty routine.

Best Silver Glitter Nail Polish:

- 8 Available at Olive & June

Bring the disco party to your nails with this fun polish. It has a holographic effect that's sparkly and perfect for turning eyes. Plus, the vegan and cruelty-free formula is a big plus in our books.

Best Gold Glitter Nail Polish:

- 9 Available at Ulta

Nothing feels as opulent as gold. This polish blends micro and chunky glitter for a festive, glossy finish. For best results, apply base and top coats to extend your mani.

Best Red Glitter Nail Polish:

- 10 Available at Ulta

Whether you're celebrating the holidays in December, Valentine's in February, or simply want to spruce up your tips, this red should be your go-to. Since it has a highly pigmented formula, there's no need for a color base coat to make the red pop, and it lasts up to 10 days chip-free.

Best Black Glitter Nail Polish:

- 10 Available at Amazon

Black is timeless, elegant, and sultry. Channel that energy via glitzy black tips with this nail polish. It has micro glitter to give it an elevated, textured look, and we love its chip-free formula that stays on nails for up to 10 days. Honestly, it's such a vibe.

Best Pink Glitter Nail Polish:

- 18 Available at Dermstore

With blends of pink, gold, and bronze, this is a winning lacquer mix. Simply add a champagne flute and you're party-ready!

Best Purple Glitter Nail Polish:

- 18 Available at Amazon

The underlying gold specks in this deep purple polish give it an elegant, holographic effect.

Best Green Glitter Nail Polish:

- 7 Available at Lights Lacquer

I'll always stan a Latinx-owned brand, and this one is at the top of my list. Lights Lacquer polishes stay on forever and always get me compliments when I use them. The seven-free formula gives off a gel-like shine with subtle hints of silver and gold depending on how light hits the nails.

Best White Glitter Nail Polish:

- 4 Available at Ulta

For less than $5, this one's a steal. This high-shine formula gives off flecks of white and baby blue sparkles that are perfect for winter months.