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Cazadero, California

Cazadero, California

This A-frame cabin in western Sonoma County is modest in size, but it just might be the rustic and romantic getaway you've been dreaming about this winter. The rental includes a stylishly renovated interior complete with a freestanding fireplace and fully stocked bookshelves.


8 Cozy Airbnb Rentals For A Dreamy Winter Getaway

Here in Los Angeles, we’re about as far from that dreaded bomb cyclone weather as we can get. And while we can’t complain about 70-plus degree days in January, we have to admit the climate leaves us longing for a legitimate winter experience—one in which we’re sitting in a cozy cabin in front of a fireplace, wearing all the new pieces we just bought from epic seasonal sales (because the fashion world is also already done with winter). Airbnb is the perfect place to daydream about our next getaway, and we’ve been spending an embarrassing amount of free time on the site lately as we hunt down ideal escape pads—from A-frames in the woods to vintage trailers with insane mountain views—that are great for a solo excursion, a romantic getaway or a memorable vacay with your entire crew. Scroll through to find the ones we’re currently lusting after and then start planning your trip.