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These Vegetarian Recipes Are Exactly What Your Meatless Mondays Need

These days, you don't have to be a full-time vegetarian to be enjoying more meatless meals. From Impossible Whoppers at Burger King, to #meatlessmonday, eating less meat is going mainstream. That's because there are so many reasons to do it. Not only is it a healthy way to make dinner, but it's good for the planet, too. But whether you’re interested in lowering your meat intake, are trying to cut out meat entirely, need to cook for a vegetarian friend or family member, or are simply looking for more creative recipes, we've got you covered with this huge list of recipes that a wide group of people can eat.

One hearty staple of meatless meals is, of course, pasta recipes, and we have many to choose from including a satisfying bowl of fusilli pesto, a deliciously creamy mac & cheese, and a hearty vegetable lasagna. But we also have a wide variety of cheesy pizzas, such as a wild mushroom and Taleggio pizza or a pizza primavera. And there are more than a couple recipes for delicious homemade veggie burgers.

And we have tons of salads, of course. But if you're worried they might be boring, you may want to take a look. These salads are as filling as they are incredibly flavorful. For quick, easy dinner recipes, try the delicious farro and acorn squash salad or the charred corn salad. Everyone in your family will love these hearty, tasty meals that will leave them full and satisfied. Shake things up in the kitchen this week with one or two of these easy vegetarian dinner ideas.