Toyota's Unused 86 Shooting Brake Concept Looks Wild In New Photos

unused calty design center toyota 86 shooting brake concept
More of Toyota's Unused 86 Shooting Brake ConceptToyota

Back in October, Toyota celebrated the 50th anniversary of its CALTY Design Research center with a look at a few unused sports car and supercar designs. The brand followed that up in December with a handful of new unused concepts from 50 years of Calty designs, then shared even more details of a particularly exciting car this week.

The most exciting is a Toyota 86-based five-door shooting brake. The 2012 concept, called the X86D, drops the first-generation 86's sports car premise to build a dramatic all-wheel drive hatch with the a spectacular wraparound piece of rear glass. The car would have used the same flat-four engine, but the extra doors and drive wheels would have made for a very different final product.

toyota x86d concept
Toyota Calty Design / Instagram

Further photos from Calty Design's Instagram page show a unique headlight arrangement that was far more adventurous than the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ road cars that reached the market. A futuristic body color grille completes the concept car look.

toyota scion x86d concept
Toyota Calty Design / Instagram

The five-door shooting brake does not quite have the simple silhouette of Toyota Australia's production-like 86 shooting brake concept from 2016, but the X86D still imitates the proportions of a sports car pretty well for something carrying two extra doors. The nose shape and rear fenders look more like the current Supra than any version of an 86, although the FT-1 concept that led to that car was also a major Calty project.

toyota scion x86d concept
Toyota Calty Design / Instagram

Unlike many concepts that do not see the light of day, the X86D even got its own cockpit design plan. The combination of a driver-centric interface, a huge transmission tunnel, and hexagons as far as the eye can see scream modern Lamborghini more than 2010s Toyota, but the production 86 retained a very Toyota-like interior.

This story was updated with more details on the X86D concept on January 11th of 2024. The remainder of the original piece is below.

toyota high performance concept calty design research

The Future High Performance Concept, created in 1989, is not quite as related to any specific production car. This concept featured an engine that raised from the vehicle for additional cooling and a moving windscreen structure that could be closed while the car is parked. Nothing like this project ever came to be.

The latest look into the Calty archives also features two city cars and a "Baby Lunar Cruiser," but the most interesting piece shared by the studio lately may be what it revealed in an unrelated Instagram post on Friday. This is an unused interior concept for the latest Land Cruiser, unveiled back in August. The design takes the concept of the now-retired FJ Cruiser one step further, combining big blocky accents and unique materials to make something that looks ready for just about anything. Information is split evenly between four different screens and more traditional analog gauges, creating a one-of-a-kind look. The simple, screen-focused interior Toyota ultimately chose will be a better fit for most buyers, but this look would have been memorable.

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