These 9 Apple Hill farms have Christmas trees starting at $95. Here’s when they open

Let’s be honest, some of you have already started decorating for the winter holiday season.

There’s no shame in that.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas tree to decorate with lights and ornaments, it may be in the foothills. Starting Thanksgiving weekend, several farms affiliated with the Apple Hill Growers Association will open their doors for holiday tree sales.

Sift through the list of farms in El Dorado County set to sell trees, according to a statement the association. The steps to snagging a permit to cut your own at a national Northern California forest are mentioned at the end of the list.

Be sure to check hours and availability before you go.

Apple Country Christmas Trees

Pick a Christmas tree with a cup of spiced cider in hand at Apple Country Christmas Trees at 2721 Mace Road, Camino.

Trees are $95 each, excluding tax and netting, regardless of variety or height.

Picnic tables are provided for those who want to make a day out of hunting for their perfect tree, so don’t forget to pack a lunch.

The farm opens Friday and will shut down for the season once trees are sold out.

Crystal Creek Tree Farm

Crystal Creek Tree Farm at 2019 Cable Road, Camino, opened Saturday ahead of all of the other farms with a flat rate fee of $95 per tree, regardless of size or variety.

The price includes tax and optional packing materials, the farm states.

Tree varieties include White, Swift Silver, Douglas, Noble, Nordmann and Grand firs as well as Silver Tip and Blue Spruce.

Crystal Creek Tree Farm will open daily until the trees are gone.

Indian Rock Tree Farm

Indian Rock Tree Farm at 3800 N Canyon Rd, Camino, opens Friday.

Prices aren’t listed on the website but there are several varieties to pick from in the “choose and cut” and pre-cut sections, the farm states.

You must have an entry ticket to access the farm from Friday to Sunday. No ticket is required any day after that.

Friday tickets are sold out. Prices range from $7 to $14, per vehicle, for up to 90 minutes.

Tree varieties include White, Douglas and Nordmann firs as well as Silver Tip, Incense Cedar and Blue Spruce.

Hacienda Orchards

Hacienda Orchards at 2900 Barkley Road, Camino, opens for the season on Friday through Christmas Eve.

Prices aren’t available on the website.

Harris Family Farms

Harris Family Farms will open Friday through Christmas Eve for tree cutting.

You must pay a $21 entry fee to cut a tree. If you save your ticket, you get $20 off your tree, the farm states.

Prices aren’t available online.

Hillside Tree Farm

Hillside Tree Farm at 2881 N Canyon Road, Camino, opens Friday with Nordman, Noble, Fraser and White firs as well as Swift Silver trees.

You can cut your own tree or a worker will do it for you. Prices aren’t listed on the website.

Hillside Tree Farm offers tree care tips and tying assistance, Christmas wreaths, a train ride and a picnic area.

The farm will remain open until the trees are gone.

Madrone Tree Hill

Madrone Tree Hill at 2600 Barkley Road, Camino, opens the first two weekends in December with the “tallest Christmas trees.”

Prices aren’t listed on the website and the supply is limited, the farm states.

Rapetti Farms

Rapetti Farms at 2585 Fruitridge Road, Camino, opens Friday for returning customers only with appointments.

You must have a password to enter the online appointment portal and Christmas tree prices range from $130 to $1,160.

It’s unclear when Rapetti Farms opens for the season.

Silverthorn Meadows

Silverthorn Meadows opens for the season on Friday with Noble, White, Douglas and Grand firs.

You choose the tree and workers will help you cut and bag it. The farm will remain open until the trees are gone.

Christmas tree permits at Northern California national forests

If you want to cut down your own tree at a California national forest, you’ll need a permit.

The Sacramento Bee has a list of federal forest agencies selling Christmas tree permits for national forests in California.

Generally, permits are $10 plus a $2.50 processing fee. Stanislaus National Forest is waving the permit fee for the second year in a row.

Here’s when you can snag a Christmas tree permit at a Northern California national forest

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