12 of the best gyms offering free online workouts during lockdown

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The current rules on social distancing during the coronavirus spread are clear – meaning all of us are having to swap the gym (or pub) and turn to at-home workouts during this uncertain time. Not only is it mega important that we all keep on top of our mental wellbeing, but if fitness is a big part of your normal routine, it'll definitely help you to feel more positive doing an at-home workout.

If you're on the other end of the scale and a tad, erm, gym-phobic (hey, no judgement here) now is also the perfect time to start nailing exercise from the comfort of your front room. Here, we've rounded up 9 of the best gyms and studios who are offering online workouts (be that from their Instagram accounts, an app or their own streaming method). Leggings at the ready...

Free yoga and barre with FLY LDN

The London studio usually offers an array of classes – from Friday night, candlelit hip hop yoga, to early morning sweaty barre sessions (despite only using small, repeated movements, you'll still be getting in a major workout). Now, after temporarily shutting its doors (as per the government's new rules), FLY LDN has pledged to stream multiple classes via Instagram Live (and later post them on YouTube). All sessions last for 45 minutes and are free.

6 weeks free on Chris Hemsworth's Centr app

The celebrity-founded app is currently offering a free six-week trial to anybody who signs up via the website (prices typically start from £7.83 per month). Sessions on offer range from HIIT, to boxing, to yoga and last between 20 to 40 minutes – and allow the user to choose the intensity. There's also a nice dose of nutritional guidance and meditation available on the app, too. Hey, if it's good enough for Chris... (Offer ends 31 March)

Free bodyweight workouts from Gymshark

Famed for its fitness gear and regimes, Gymshark is offering free workouts on its Gymshark Conditioning app – many of which need minimal equipment, or use household objects, such as a chair. Whether you're wanting to tone your abs or get a full body session done, these muscle workers are a surefire bet.

Free full body workouts from Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's classes are legendary – usually they're a 60 minute split of treadmill work and floor work (involving weights). Given that all the studios in the UK are now temporarily closed to adhere with the strict government rules, Barry's has taken the ethos of its workouts and distilled it into free 30 minute, online Instagram Live classes. The schedule is regularly posted on the Barry's UK IG account.

7 days of free digital classes with Core Collective

The luxury fitness studio has rolled out six types of digital classes, ranging from Strength to Sweat to Pilates, lasting from 5 to 45 minutes. Lead by its regular well-known and loved instructors, they're available on-demand and vary in intensity too (meaning even if you're a beginner, you'll find one on your level). Currently, the free trial for the streaming service lasts for 7 days (after which prices begin at £9.99 per month).

Free Instagram Lives from Orangetheory Fitness

This intense circuits-based workout claims to typically burn up to 1000 calories per class, so definitely isn't one for the faint-hearted. While they've only just started rolling out across the UK, now that we're all spending a whole lot more time at home, it could be the perfect opportunity to sample what the fitness franchise is all about. Orangetheory is posting the at-home workout Instagram Live schedule regularly on the @OrangeTheoryLondon account.

Free at-home boxing-based workouts with KOBOX

If boxing is usually your bag, it's time to follow the specialists, KOBOX, on Instagram. Keep your eyes peeled for their live classes (usually streamed at 10am), in which the fabulous trainers will keep you sweating and in top shape. KOBOX is all about the community aspect of fitness too, so expect plenty of feel good words of encouragement along the way.

Free party-themed workouts from FRAME

The fun, high energy classes that usually happen within a FRAME studio are now available on their new online platform (which is free to members and frontline workers, or £10.99 a month for newcomers). They've also shared mini workouts on their IGTV, including an 80s aerobic sessions and 5 quick barre moves to master.

Free live streamed barre with Barrecore

The ballet-inspired workout is great for toning while being low impact. Barrecore runs some of the best studios in the country for it, so make the most of quarantining by tuning in to one of their Instagram Lives and trying it for yourself – they're running daily classes, lasting a super efficient 30 minutes.

Free Pilates with Exhale Pilates

This studio usually takes Pilates back to basics, by using traditional methods and equipment throughout the class – virtually, they're keeping their core values (minus the machinery). Offering free mobility classes via Instagram Live (focussing on breathing, stretching and loosening any at-home desk-related stiffness) and other more in-depth classes at a cost of £15, this is an ideal low impact workout that's easy on the joints (but still challenging).

Free full body and targeted workouts with Sweat IT

No equipment? No problem. Sweat IT's workout-from-home approach is all about getting a sweat on with minimum access to kit. Combining the likes of jump squats, mountain climbers, press ups and V-sits, their Instagram Live workouts (streamed from their trainers' accounts) follow the gyms' vibe to a T: stripped back, functional & raw. Don't forget your sweat towel.

Learn dance routines with School of SOS

If, like the rest of the world, you're also obsessed with the Pussycat Doll's new video for React, featuring a rather steamy dance routine, now's the time to learn it yourself. Empowering dance studio, School of SOS, teaches slick choreography to the latest bops – meaning that once quarantine is over and you're back on the dancefloor, you'll be fiercer than ever.

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