“90 Day”: Yohan's Double Life Makes Daniele Think 'I Don't Know This Man'

From Kimberly's screams to Daniele's shocking DMs, the '90 Day Fiancé' marriages seem to be at risk of total failure

<p>Daniele Gates/Instagram</p> Yohan and Daniele pose on the beach.

Daniele Gates/Instagram

Yohan and Daniele pose on the beach.

The end is near for the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couples.

Not only is the end of the season close, but many couples questioned their futures on Monday night’s episode. Daniele finally let go of her marriage to Yohan after she learned of his alleged infidelities in a DM from a stranger — one who has been in a relationship with Yohan for two years. 

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Kimberly and TJ reached a breaking point when she begged for kindness as she navigated depression. But TJ wondered who would support him? Mary and Brandan’s bug-infested wedding was cut short due to their missing wedding band. And Shekinah questioned if she could truly trust Sarper after his about-face on parenthood.

Not all questions came with answers as the drama seems poised to carry on for at least another season. Here’s what happened on the latest episode of the TLC series.

Shekinah and Sarper

<p>TLC</p> Shekinah and Sarper argue and question if their relationship is over.


Shekinah and Sarper argue and question if their relationship is over.

Shekinah and Sarper’s talk about kids continued to pull the pair apart.

After returning from their less-than-relaxing spa day, Shekinah packed her things to head to a hotel. But Sarper unpacked as she went along, demanding she not leave his apartment.

“Well, you should have thought longer before you said those things,” Shekinah said, referring to his comment that he’d forget about her in two days if they split.

“At first I thought it was a bluff, I mean, it was not real. When I see her packing her stuff, I got scared,” Sarper said in an interview. To keep Shekinah in his house, he threw her clothing outside her suitcase. Even though he told Shekinah to book a flight home, Sarper didn't consider it an option for her to book a hotel room.

“You want to have children? You are a child,” Shekinah said in a rage when he unpacked her things.

“I just said what I want,” he replied. But Shekinah reiterated she does not want children. “But what you want is not realistic and it's not fair to me.”

Sarper gave an ultimatum: “If you go to the hotel, I delete you.”

She shot back, “Then I'm definitely going. Because if that's how you're going to treat me, then there's no reason for me to stay.”

With that, Sarper gave up in trying to keep Shekinah close.

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Days later, after ignored attempts to apologize to her, Shekinah agreed to meet Sarper. She admitted it could be the end of their relationship — as there was no wiggle room for kids in her life. But Sarper came in with a seemingly completely new perspective.

“I want to say I'm so, so sorry and I feel so ashamed to look at your eyes,” he said.

In the time apart, Sarper said he “saw” a life without Shekinah that he didn’t want. “I will never insist you on anything from now on,” he said, seemingly abandoning the idea of children.

But Shekinah wasn't buying it, telling him: “You're saying everything totally different, and you just don't trust it.”

Sarper explained the change of heart in an interview: “If she doesn't want it, I'm OK with it because I saw how it will be without her, and when I put it on the scale it is a lot heavier than the having a desire for the kid.”

Shekinah was reluctant to believe him, admitting in an interview: “It makes me really uncertain on how to proceed in this relationship. How can I trust that he won't just keep changing his mind?”

Brandan and Mary

<p>TLC</p> Brandan supports his mother while she panics at his wedding.


Brandan supports his mother while she panics at his wedding.

As Brandan and Mary’s wedding continued, the nearly Biblical swarm of bugs did not ease up. Not only was their cake covered, the pests also lodged themselves in patrons' hair, pockets and noses. Ultimately, the bride and groom decided to evacuate.

Brandan’s mom had the worst of it, suffering a full panic attack at the idea of the bugs touching her. With the aid of her son and the 90 Day crew, she made it to a production van with limited exposure to the swarm. “I have never experienced something so literally traumatic to me,” she said later in an interview.

Brandan couldn't help but be a little spooked by the unnatural event, noting, “It rains on your wedding day, it’s unlucky or something — but it’s raining down bugs.”

Things got even worse when Mary learned the hard way that these bugs were biters. Trapped under her wedding dress, the pregnant bride felt like a feast for the insects as she tried to flee the venue. Brandan even lost his wedding ring in the insect insanity and went back into the swarm in an attempt to find it.

“This is getting worse and worse and worse. A total disaster,” he said. Luckily, Brandan did recover the ring, and he was able to head home to a bug-less wedding after party.

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Back at home, Brandan tried to salvage the wedding cake by pulling bugs out of the frosting. “I feel sad because it's not really the day that we planned and I feel so bad for all the guests,” Mary said in an interview. “But having our vows is the most important part of the wedding for me. I’m just happy that I’m already married.”

The silver lining was that the newlyweds ended the day with a full blessing from Brandan's mother. “I really do believe that they have, like, the makings of an epic sort of love story, you know, and will be really successful as husband, wife and parents.”

Kimberly & TJ

<p>TLC</p> Kimberly asks her husband, TJ, for more emotional support.


Kimberly asks her husband, TJ, for more emotional support.

Three months after TJ and Kimberly's wedding, the bride and her in-laws' relationship hadn't improved. When TJ’s family complained that she wouldn’t come downstairs for days at a time, he admitted to feeling “stuck between” two factions.

TJ admitted he had reached “breaking point” as the family fails to reach a compromise about their expectations. It all led to an argument with Kimberly, who preferred to keep to herself.

For her part, Kimberly also felt “stuck” — more like trapped upstairs since she'd been keeping her distance to avoid conflict with TJ’s family. “It's extremely isolating,” she said in an interview. She also told her husband, “I don't think that whenever you and I get into an argument that it's healthy for you to just go down there and not talk to me.”

She added, “It feels like I'm in isolation and I don't feel like I have the freedom to go downstairs whenever I want.”

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Kimberly told TJ of her dynamic with his family: “I'm not ignoring them. I just don't have anything to say because I'm not on good terms with them. And no one wants to solve anything with me. Everybody just wants to bitch at each other because of it.”

Kimberly also revealed she’d been feeling depressed, especially because she felt cut off from her friends in the U.S. “You are depressed of your own reason, not because of me,” TJ said coldly.

He added, “Otherwise you know that how many times I told you if you feel alone, you can go back to U.S. You can go any time, whenever you want.”

This wasn’t the empathy and support Kimberly was seeking: “I want to be with my husband, but it doesn't seem like my husband even wants to be with me.”

The conversation escalated to a screaming match — complete with a blood-curdling shriek of anguish from Kimberly. “Maybe give me a f---ing hug and say, 'I'm sorry you're depressed,'" she yelled at TJ.

“I’m not doing that,” he replied.

She cried, “I need support from somebody who made vows to love me till death do us part, for better or worse. And this person is not holding up his end of the bargain.”

He countered. “You keep asking me to give you emotional support. What about me? What about my emotional sentiments? Who gonna give me support? Nobody.”

As Kimberly yelled “I hate you,” TJ stormed to his mother and claimed his wife “has made my life a living hell.” The mom’s response? Let Kimberly return to America.

Daniele and Yohan

<p>TLC</p> Daniele expresses confidence in the end of her marriage to Yohan.


Daniele expresses confidence in the end of her marriage to Yohan.

Daniele was completely done with her marriage to Yohan — all based on a stranger's DM.

The American woman revealed Yohan has been living a double life for years. “The other day a woman wrote to me on social media and told me that she has been in a relationship with my husband for two years — since the month before we got married — and she wanted to ask me if we were really getting a divorce,” Daniele shared. “She told me she met his father and his nephew and gave them money, that she had sex with him for all these years. And she knew he was married and that he brought her to this apartment complex.”

She continued, “She gave me a play by play of their entire relationship and described every single detail, every time she saw him, sent me pictures that he sent her. One of them was a picture of his on Christmas Eve while I was handing out gifts to his family in his neighborhood.”

After those DMs, Daniele’s entire perspective on her marriage changed. “I think that I have been wearing rose-colored glasses this entire time. I think that the Yohan that I was seeing and was believing was there was never actually in front of me. I honestly, like, I have no idea who this man is.”

Daniele did some additional digging, only to find that “there are at least six different women that I know have had an inappropriate relationship with my husband.”

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