'Disturbing to say the least': A Mormon matchmaking service hosted a 'Bachelor' style event for 20 women

Elizabeth Di Filippo
Image via Twitter.
Image via Twitter.

A Utah-based matchmaking service took a page out of “The Bachelor” playbook in an effort to find one eligible Mormon millionaire a wife.

The LDS Matchmaker, a company specializing in connecting members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, made headlines for going the extra mile to find love for an unidentified man.

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On June 7, 20 women were chosen from nearly 2,500 applicants to attend an event with a mystery client. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the women were treated to dinner where they viewed a PowerPoint presentation of the top 10 reasons the man was looking for a wife through the matchmaking service, gifted necklaces and engaged in a one-on-one “mini-date” with each woman.

The women, some from as far as New York and Idaho, had all applied online with the company, which took out billboards to advertise the event.

In a statement, the matchmaking service shared some information on the applicants.

“Most [of the women] were college educated and seven had graduate degrees. All were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, were beautiful, well-spoken,” it read. “[They] came away having made new friends and were glad they came.”

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Although each participant was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to not reveal the identity of the bachelor, The LDS Matchmaker released an eight-minute video from the event.

In the video, the mystery man is standing behind a sheet so that only his silhouette is visible to the waiting room of women.

The LDS Millionaire from The Beehive on Vimeo.

Described by event organizers as an “amazing” man, all that outsiders learn of the eligible bachelor are crucial pieces of information for building a long lasting relationship: Favourite ice cream flavour? Mint chocolate chip. Favourite drink? Diet Coke. Favourite TV show of all time? Breaking Bad.

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If that wasn’t enough to hook the women, their potential husband is described as loving baseball and surviving not only a plane crash but also a sailboat capsizing. Basically, whoever ends up with him might want to rethink travelling together.

One of the prospective love interests revealed on camera why she wanted to apply.

“I really don’t want to have to tell my children that I met their father on Mutual, Tinder or any other dating app,” she said.

A still from the video released from The LDS Millionaire Matchmaking event featuring the mystery bachelor behind a sheet. Image via Vimeo.
A still from the video released from The LDS Millionaire Matchmaking event featuring the mystery bachelor behind a sheet. Image via Vimeo.

“He was so sweet and so funny and so great at making me feel welcome and calm and making the whole situation feel very, very comfortable,” she continued. “He was a lot cuter than I thought he was going to be too. That’s always a plus.”

As a “Bachelor” fan, I can’t fault anyone for turning to a matchmaking service or alternative way to meet people and potentially find love. Besides, each woman who signed up did so of her own free-will.

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However, not everyone shared my view, with many critiquing the event for being “creepy.”

“This is disturbing to say the least,” one reader commented on the Tribune’s website. “Women are not a commodity — traded and sold on the social media stock exchange. This is a disgrace!”

“So dumb. And gross. If this dude has concocted a scheme like this to find a woman, there is something off about him, obviously,” another added. “Where is the self respect, ladies?”

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According to The LDS Matchmaker, the bachelor went on several one-on-one dates with a select few women following the event, but whether or not love is in the cards has yet to be determined.

“We expect good things to come for him and wish him and the women in attendance all the best,” LDS Matchmaker said of the event. “And we are teeing up for our next event, for an amazing beautiful, female bachelorette looking for love.”

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