A New Way to Use Bronzer

A lot of women have lighter skin on their neck than their face. To fix this, some women try to match their foundation to their neck, but that’s not the way to do it. The foundation will end up being too light or too dark, and there is a better chance of it ending up on your clothes. Instead, choose a foundation that’s the right match for your face, and use a little bronzer on your neck to even it all out. Here’s how:

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  • Choose a foundation shade that matches the skin on your face. Find the right color by testing the foundation on your forehead.
  • Pick a matte bronzer that doesn’t have any shimmer—go with the shade you normally use on your face.
  • With a wide fluffy brush, apply a very light dusting of bronzer from your jawline down along your neck down to just above your shirt collar. Go lower if you are wearing a scoop neck or V-neck shirt.
  • If your bronzer is the right shade, the skin on your neck and face will match. 

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