Aaron Carter calls his brother Nick a 'serial rapist' amid ongoing dispute

Suzy Byrne
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Aaron Carter’s public attack of his brother Nick Carter continues.

Since Nick and Aaron’s sister, Angel, filed a restraining order against the “I Want Candy” singer as a result of what they said was his “increasing alarming behavior,” Aaron has continuously used Twitter to speak out — and make various claims, some very serious, about his family members.

Aaron Carter visits The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show at Z100 Studio in 2017. (Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Aaron continues to call for sexual assault allegations against the Backstreet Boys performer to be investigated — and is now branding his brother a “serial rapist.” He has said Nick has “abused” him throughout their lives, sharing a clip of an incident in which he claims his brother broke his nose. He claims he’s seen his brother abuse ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton. Aaron also claimed that his late sister, Leslie, sexually abused him for years as a child. And he gave an update about his gun collection, tweeting — and then deleting — that he voluntarily surrendered some as concern over his mental health grows.

Here are some of Aaron’s wildest claims:

Aaron calls Nick a “serial rapist” and compares him to Jeffrey Epstein.

Aaron has publicly sided with Melissa Schuman, who accused Nick of rape as the #MeToo movement unfolded in 2017. (Nick maintained his innocence and no charges were filed as the statute of limitations had expired.) Aaron has since claimed there are more accusers and called for an “R.Kelly-type documentary” into his brother. On Thursday, he’s gone so far as to brand Nick a “serial rapist” and compare him to Jeffrey Epstein, the late billionaire accused of sex trafficking underage girls. He seemingly claimed his brother silenced his accusers.

Aaron claims Nick abused him throughout their lives.

Several times he has shared a clip of Nick giving him a pie to the face at the Kids’ Choice Awards in 2001. He has said that Nick broke his nose during the incident — one of several times he allegedly broke it. He said Nick has been “an abusive human to me my whole life.”

Aaron claims he witnessed Nick abusing then-girlfriend Paris Hilton.

Aaron again brought up the allegations that Nick physically abused his girlfriend Hilton when they dated some 15 years ago. (Nick denied the claims at the time.) Aaron claims he “witnessed the abuse to Paris from my brother. I was there.” He also claims that Nick beat him up in front of Paris.

Aaron alludes to something Nick allegedly did to “one of the girls in my family.”

But adds no further information about it.

Aaron claims Nick allegedly “tried to buy a video of me ... overdosing huffing duster to sell to the media.”

Aaron’s assistant chimed in too.

Aaron claims his sister Leslie, who died in 2012, raped him “from the age of 10 to 13.”

He said she suffered from mental illness and her medicine made her do “things that she never meant to do.” He also said he was abused by backup dancers, but didn’t elaborate.

Aaron makes several inflammatory comments about this twin sister, Angel.

Angel joined Nick in seeking the restraining order against Aaron, claiming they are worried about his mental health.

Aaron addresses his own mental health.

On The Doctors, he said, “The official diagnosis is that I suffer from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety; I’m manic depressive,” but he backpedals a bit on Twitter.

He also posted about “voluntarily” surrendering “two of my rifles.”

However, he deleted the post soon after.

(Screenshot: Aaron Carter via Twitter)

A rep for Nick has not responded to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment about this head-spinning drama. However, in the restraining order he filed, Nick told authorities that Aaron hears “voices in his head.” He is also worried that Aaron may harm his family and is mentally ill.

Per the order, Aaron has to stay 100 yards away from Nick and his family. Aaron has said he has no problem with that because he never wants to see them again (minus his mother, who is apparently in rehab).

Aaron has been going through tough times as of late. He opened up about this mental health and drug troubles on The Doctors last week. He’s postponed many of his tour dates until next year so he can get well.

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