Aaron Judge and Babe Ruth star in 'MLB The Show 18' trailer

There’s no need to bury the lead here … you can play as Babe Ruth in “MLB The Show 18!” Playstation released a gameplay trailer Monday, which features plenty of current stars, some former legends and Babe freaking Ruth.

Cue up that scene from The Sandlot, grab some peanuts and Cracker Jack and check out the trailer. But watch all the way to the end if you want to see a ridiculously realistic-looking Ruth step into the box.

We have many thoughts, which we’ll share now:

• The game looks pretty great. It says quite a bit about the state of video games when you can now accurately make out every player’s face. There are no more generic player models who you can only recognize by the jersey and number of their back. Nope, you can tell you’re seeing Aaron Judge and Trea Turner and Marcus Stroman just by the faces.

• Which is why it’s no surprise that Ruth looks exceptional. It’s probably the best video game rendering of Ruth we’ve ever seen. In fairness, what’s been the competition? Still, he looks like you would expect. It probably says a lot that they chose to show off Ruth at the end of the trailer. The developers were clearly happy with the work they put in to make him look realistic.

• The stadiums, as usual, are accurately represented. The game always does a strong job re-creating each stadium down to the finest details. It’s also pretty neat that the team added fan-cheering sections, like the “Judge’s Chambers” at Yankee Stadium.

• The trailer doesn’t reveal much about other advancements in the game, but there’s probably more to come on that end. Some have already mentioned the Road to the Show visuals look better this year. If you were interested in seeing some gameplay, you can watch about 18 minutes here. That video goes into some of the specific things changed in the game this year. 

Play as Aaron Judge or Babe Ruth in “MLB The Show 18.” (Screenshots via Playstation on YouTube)

Did they get you with Ruth? It would be interesting to see if that convinced any people on the fence to decide they were buying “The Show” this year.

If so, who could blame them? Anyone who has played baseball video games loves calling their shots against their friends. Now, they can do it with the man who created that move.

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