Aaron Rodgers and Matt Hamilton are officially mustache brothers

GANGNEUNG, SOUTH KOREA – FEBRUARY 11: Matt Hamilton and Becca Hamilton of the USA compete during the Curling Mixed Doubles on day two of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. (Getty Images)

The Madison, Wisconsin native and Team USA curling stud, Matt Hamilton, is a man of great talents with an unrelenting passion for ice related sweeping sports. But there’s so much more to the ice sculpting, man-stached, lothario of curling. He’s also a huge Green Bay Packers fan.

In addition to his gold medal desires in PyeongChang, he felt a strong need for some hometown cooking to add a little extra cheddar on his curling curveballs. He called upon Wisconsin’s own frozen tundra magician, Aaron Rodgers.

After an hour of waiting and 84 retweets later, the cheesehead captain responded in truly gouda form:

First of all, respect to Rodgers for the hashtag game. I’m using #bobbygoulet as a hashtag in everything I ever tweet from now on.

Matt Hamilton responded to Rodgers accurately:

Hopefully Hamilton can channel his inner “discount doublecheck” and bring home the gold for the U.S. Lately, Hamilton has been compared to Super Mario on the twittersphere, and now it looks like he’s found his Luigi.

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