Abandoned dogs seen in heartbreaking Hurricane Harvey photo have been rescued

Alex Lasker

A reporter who posted a heartbreaking photo on Instagram showing two dogs that were left behind by a family fleeing Hurricane Harvey shared a happy update on Tuesday. 

CNN's Ed Lavandera captured the initial image of the two dogs, who were apparently abandoned by their owners in Dickinson, Texas, sitting in a boat on Monday. 

"Sadly a family had to evacuate their flooded neighborhood in Dickinson, #Texas without their dogs," Lavandera wrote at the time. "Hope they're ok. #houston"

Lavandera again took to the photo-sharing platform to update his followers that the dogs had, in fact, been rescued from the boat where he spotted them.

"UPDATE: Frankie & Bear are safe," Lavandera shared on Instagram. "The two dogs we saw sitting in a boat in a flooded neighborhood have been rescued! They're being cared for and the owners will reconnect them at some point."


If you would like to donate to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, click here. 

For those looking for other ways to assist in wake of the storm, check out this list of charities.

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