Adam Levine pranks food delivery man: 'I can only have soft food'

Adam is known for putting rising singers in the hot seat on The Voice, but this time Ellen DeGeneres returned the favor.

During a recent appearance on her show, Levine was fed silly lines via a hidden microphone in an attempt to prank his food delivery man.

The Maroon 5 singer was in his dressing room when Izzy the delivery man knocked on his door. Izzy was in for a rude awakening after Levine asked him to remove the food from the bag so that he could see what his assistant ordered him.

“I can only have soft food because of my throat,” Levine informed him before trying the soup, “Ouch, this is too hard.”

Not only was the soup a fail, but Levine had a similar reaction when Izzy laid out the pasta marinara option for him. “I don’t mean to be a diva, but … this ain’t gonna work!” Levine belted that last part out on Ellen’s command.

Izzy probably thought he was performing exceptional custom service, but nothing seemed to be good enough. Levine even had him call out down the hall to his “assistants” for help.

When Levine requested bread, he warned Izzy, saying, “I can’t chew it. The gluten has to soak into my tongue.”

After taste testing some “hard” soup, pasta marinara, and bread, Levine decided it was time to let Izzy in on what was going on: that he was on TV. Levine brought Izzy onstage, and just like that the pranking came to an end and he left with a pretty nice tip from Ellen herself.

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