Add This Creamy Ingredient To Store-Bought Frosting For Homemade Flavor

Frosting in mixing bowl
Frosting in mixing bowl - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Sure, you can use store-bought frosting right out of the container to finish off cakes and cupcakes but you're already using a pre-made ingredient. So why not put a bit more effort into elevating the tub of icing to give it a richer flavor? All it takes is some of that cream cheese that you most likely spread on your morning bagel or toast. It's one of the many tips to elevate store-bought frosting that takes minimal effort and can make your baked goods taste like they were made from scratch.

Cream cheese is creamy, rich, and tangy — some of the reasons why many of us already use it. When you stir in a bit of this ingredient with plain store-bought frosting, it will add that tangy element and also temper some of the sweetness. This can really help since many brands are rather sweet and sugary. Cream cheese also contains fats, which will give the frosting a smoother texture so it's easier to spread on top of your baked goods.

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Easy Steps To Elevate Store-Bought Frosting With Cream Cheese

Spoonful of cream cheese
Spoonful of cream cheese - Basilios1/Getty Images

It's best to soften cream cheese first so it's easier to combine with the frosting, which typically has a thicker consistency. Scoop the store-bought icing into a mixing bowl, then it's time to meld the two ingredients together. You can start with a couple of spoonfuls, then add more until you reach your desired taste and texture. If you don't want to taste the frosting, go with eight ounces of cream cheese for every tub of sugary coating.

Then combine with a spoon or spatula or use a hand or stand mixer to make it even easier. Keep in mind this upgrade will also give you more to work with, so bake accordingly or prepare to store it for later. But let's be honest, while the addition of cream cheese will give a homemade touch to the store-bought frosting, nothing competes with a made-from-scratch version.

So if you're a home cook who likes to skip pre-made ingredients, try our classic cream cheese frosting recipe that only takes 10 minutes and has just five ingredients. Otherwise, consider improvements to store-bought frosting like mixing in chocolate shavings or peanut butter or adding food coloring for a festive flare.

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