This adorable bear cub had Colorado neighborhood in a ‘tizzy.’ See it high in its perch

A mischievous little bear cub ran around without its mother anywhere in sight and wreaked havoc in a Colorado neighborhood, officials said.

It eventually climbed so high into a tree that Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region officers couldn’t reach it with dart guns, officials said in a May 25 Twitter post.

“Such a cute little bear cub!” officials said in the post. “It looks calm but this little fella had a Colorado Springs neighborhood in a tizzy Wednesday by running around all day without its sow in sight.”

Officials from the power company helped hoist CPW officer Travis Sauder in a bucket truck so he could get a clean shot with a tranquilizer dart, officials said. After that, they reeled the little cub in with a catch pole and brought it down safely, officials said.

The cub was small for its age at 15 pounds and looked neglected, officials said. With the cub being too young to survive on its own, officials took it to CPW’s southeast region office and then to a rehabilitation facility where it will stay until it’s old enough to be released back into the wild.

Earlier this month, a startled bear cub climbed a utility pole and was electrocuted about five miles northwest of Colorado Springs, McClatchy News previously reported. Because black bears are wary of unfamiliar things and people, they’ll run away or climb a tree when they perceive danger.

Officials are asking residents to secure garbage and other things that could attract black bears, such as bird feeders.

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