People are loving this button hack to stop glasses steaming up while wearing a face mask

A woman has shared a genius hack to help stop face masks steaming up glasses. (Getty Images)
A woman has shared a hack to help stop face masks steaming up glasses. (Image posed by model, Getty Images)

A woman has been praised for sharing a “game-changing” hack to stop glasses fogging up while wearing a face mask.

Most people are now required to wear a face covering when in enclosed spaces such as in shops and on public transport throughout much of the UK.

The government rules are an important measure in helping to stop the spread of coronavirus, but those of us who wear glasses have been struggling to see through lenses fogged-up by our breath escaping from under our masks.

One woman has now revealed her simple, yet clever, technique for helping to stop her glasses getting foggy while she’s wearing her mask.

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The trick, devised by Nic Jam who shared it with the world via Facebook, involves sewing a button onto her mask, which allows her glasses to sit slightly further away from her face.

“Bespectacled peeps,” she wrote in a caption alongside an image of her wearing her adapted mask.

“I sewed a button on to my mask so my glasses can rest a bit further away from my face but not slip off. No more fogging up or constant adjusting.”

The simple hack has been shared more than 31,000 times on Facebook and the post has received thousands of comments from spectacle wearers keen to give it a go.

“Oh my god this could be a game changer,” one person wrote.

“Wow, what a great idea, will make life a lot more comfortable for all of us who wear spectacles, thank you,” another agreed.

“One smart lady, getting my buttons out and needles threaded. Thanks for the fabulous idea.”

But one commenter did offer a slight word of warning about the hack.

“Just from an opticians point of view - when we take measurements for spectacles they are exact,” they wrote.

“Sitting the spectacles further away can make them too strong or not powerful enough, if wearing varifocals or bifocals the reading segment will be lowered. Moving away from the optical centres could also induce prism. It’s a nice idea but could cause problems.”

Instead, the commenter suggested putting a tissue on the inside of your mask to stop the warm, moist air rising.

Glasses wearers have been struggling to keep their spectacles fog-free while wearing a face mask. (Getty Images)
Glasses wearers have been struggling to keep their spectacles fog-free while wearing a face mask. (Getty Images)

The tissue tip is seconded by Ceri Smith-Jaynes from the Association of Optometrists, who previously advised folding a tissue “until it forms a strip and place it along the top edge of the mask before you put it on”.

Smith-Jaynes also offered some further advice for helping to prevent fogged-up eyewear, which, she says, “happens when warm breath escapes from the top of the mask and lands on the cooler surface of the lens.”

Ensure the mask is well-fitted

Smith-Jaynes suggests getting a face mask with wire across the top of your nose, and taking a little time to shape the nose wire, so it closely follows the contours of your nose and cheeks. “If your mask has no wire, you can insert a twist tie or pipe cleaner into the top edge of the mask,” she adds. “You could secure the top edge with micro-pore tape, if necessary.”

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Adjust the loops

If you have a small head, you may find you need to twist the loops before putting them around your ears to get a snugger fit. “If the mask has tapes to tie it, tie the top one high on the back of your head after putting on your glasses,” Smith-Jaynes explains.

Buy good quality anti-fog sprays

Not all anti-fog sprays are created equal. “Good quality anti-fog sprays can work well and can be purchased from most opticians,” Smith-Jaynes says.

Though it is tempting to swish some washing-up liquid on your lenses, according to optometrists this is a big no, no. “[Using washing up liquid on lenses] can break down the anti-reflection lens coating gradually over the years, resulting in a crazy-paving effect for which there is only one cure – replacement lenses,” Smith-Jaynes warns.

Keep your glasses warm

Your lenses will fog up more if they are cold, so Smith-Jaynes suggests wearing your glasses or putting them in your pocket to warm them a little before you need to put them on with your mask.

Have your glasses professionally fitted

Still steaming up under your mask? Might be worth seeking professional help from your optician. “Remember to take your mask with you (and your face-shield if you need to work in one),” Smith-Jaynes says. “They can adjust the nose-pads or sides to fit properly with your PPE. Varifocals will need to sit exactly right to ensure optimum performance.”

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