'AGT' Fans Call Out How "Rude" Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell Were on Last Night's Semifinals

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'AGT' Fans Call Out How "Rude" Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell Were on Last Night's Semifinals
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  • America's Got Talent had its last semifinals episode Tuesday night on NBC.
  • AGT fans expressed that 2019 judge Howie Mandel was "rude," and called him "the next @SimonCowell" on Twitter.
  • Only five of the remaining 11 semifinalists will make it to the season 14 finale, which airs on September 17 and 18.

Just like judge Howie Mandel does every week, the longtime comedian asked America's Got Talent viewers on Twitter what they thought of last night's semifinals episode. Their response? Probably not what Howie was hoping for.

Realizing that only five of the remaining 11 semifinalists would make it to the season 14 finale next week, the judges were extra tough on the contestants. When it came to Lukas and Falco's performance in particular, Howie was noticeably underwhelmed. Then, when Chris Kläfford took the stage with his original rock ballad, both Howie and Simon Cowell also appeared unimpressed. Howie took things one step further though, and flat out told Chris that he didn't think the vocalist would get the votes he needed to advance (which, ouch).

All in all, Howie's comments prompted AGT fans to call him "grumpy" and a "sourpuss" on Twitter during last night's episode. Simon's name also got thrown around a lot on social media, as well.

Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter

"Howie, you are my favorite judge, but you just seemed angry tonight. You okay?" one fan asked. "You need to stop hating on these acts like a bitter old man," another declared. "I think Howie is the new Simon Cowell," another snapped.

Of course, Howie is used to dealing with social media backlash, as he explained to GoodHousekeeping.com in 2018. Last year, the big controversy surrounded his golden buzzer pick Courtney Hadwin because she had previously competed on The Voice Kids U.K. before coming on AGT. In response, Howie shrugged off the haters.

"I do read online where people go 'That's not fair! She was on another show. When did you make up that rule?'" he said. "You can have a career and you could've been on the other Got Talent shows."

Similar to how he defended Courtney last fall, there's a good chance he's standing firm on his own analysis of Tuesday's performances. But lucky for fans who disagree, America, not Howie, will ultimately decide which of the 11 acts will go through to the finale, and which will go home.

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