Airlines passenger reveals what it’s like to take a shower aboard one of the world’s most luxurious first-class flights

An Emirates passenger is sharing what it’s like to use one of the airline’s luxury in-flight showers.

The behind-the-scenes look comes courtesy of TikToker @glambyamanda. Her clip, which has almost 4 million views, shares all the strange details about showering “40,000 feet in the air.”

As summer travel continues to surge, TikTokers have been taking to the app with all kinds of wild, mid-flight clips.

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Some of the stories have been positive, such as the one from a Norwegian woman who ended up flying in the cockpit after realizing she was the only passenger aboard her flight. Other people have had to express their frustration, like the couple who found themselves listening to a nursery rhyme singalong during their four-hour flight delay.

The video from @glambyamanda lands firmly in the former category. Emirates’ first-class seating is billed as being “as close as it comes to your own private jet” — and for good reason. Many flights feature a fine-dining menu, state-of-the-art headphones, a skin care kit and private seats that unfold into full-length beds.

Another feature, as @glambyamanda showed, is the shower.

As the TikToker explained, travelers must book their showers in advance, so the cabin crew can preheat the floors and the water. Additionally, the showers only last five minutes, but the way @glambyamanda sees it, “That’s all you really need.”

She went on to reveal that travelers are given fresh, complimentary towels and pajamas to change into after their shower.

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Many commenters were extremely jealous.

“Yup. I have to experience this,” one user wrote.

“I want to live this life,” another agreed.

Other users were not impressed by the short shower time, and some complained they could never afford the flight.

Emirates’ first-class tickets can range widely in price, but it’s true that some journeys range in the tens of thousands of dollars. Others, however, can go for a few thousand, around the cost of most international first-class trips.

To make everyone even more jealous, @glambyamanda also shared a clip chronicling the rest of her experience aboard the flight.

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