Alabama assistant's backpack with playbook in it allegedly stolen days before title game

Alabama coach Karl Dunbar is in his second season with the team. (Vasha Hunt/ via AP)

The backpack of Alabama defensive line coach Karl Dunbar was allegedly taken out of a meeting room for the team at the team hotel in Atlanta on Saturday. obtained an incident report from the alleged theft. His backpack had the team’s playbook, cash and other items.

In addition to the playbook, Dunbar also had a wallet, $1,320 in cash, two cellphones, a passport, an iPad, sunglasses and reading glasses in the backpack.

Some of the items were later found inside of a hotel bathroom after hotel security was informed of the incident, according to the incident report.

Per Atlanta’s WSB TV, the playbook was not one of the items recovered in the theft.

A man considered to be the suspect was captured on the hotel’s security cameras but he’s not easily identifiable on the camera that shows him.

Whoever allegedly took the playbook from the Alabama meeting room had an easier time getting the playbook than the Wall Street Journal. The outlet published a story Monday detailing its Freedom of Information Act requests for team playbooks and game plans. The WSJ was denied by all the state schools it contacted.

Alabama won the title game 26-20 in overtime over Georgia on Monday night. We’ll see how this story develops and if it has lots of twists and turns as the Wakeyleaks saga did a year ago when some of Wake Forest’s game plans had been leaked by the team’s radio analyst.

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