Aldi Finds That Prove The Chain Knows Winter Starts In November

Person walking with Aldi bag
Person walking with Aldi bag - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Winter might not officially kick off until December 21, but Aldi is gearing up early with a new selection of products. From food to decorations to seasonal advent calendars, Aldi is prepared to offer everything you need to ring in the holidays. In fact, some items are already available online, such as the Huntington Home Snow Globe Candle, the Merry Moments Holiday Mini Wreath, and the Merry Moments LED Nostalgic Village House. You can also light up your tabletop with a 2-foot Christmas tree.

Recently, Aldi released October items for a scary-good Halloween party. These included everything from Benton's Spooky Chocolate Sandwich Cremes to Halloween Onesies in both adult and children sizes to seasonal alcohol choices, like mulled wine and Wicked Grove Spiced Plum Hard Cider. There's still time to check out your local Aldi location for these items, but if you're itching for the colder weather that winter brings, you'll be delighted to learn all about Aldi's upcoming finds.

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Winternacht Stollen Bites

Winternacht Stollen Bites
Winternacht Stollen Bites - Aldi

Winternacht Stollen Bites often come in marzipan and apple varieties, and on November 2, they'll be returning to Aldi for $4.99. Winternacht, meaning "winter night" in German, is an Aldi-owned brand. Contrary to how the name "stollen" may sound to Americans, these bites weren't snatched. Rather, stollen bread is a German delicacy that's filled with fruit.

Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar

Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar
Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar - Aldi

Advent calendars are a great way to count down the days until Christmas, and if you're an avid cheese lover, there's no better way to celebrate than opening each door of this cheese advent calendar to a new variety of European cheese. This product will be released on November 1 and will cost $16.99.

Merry Moments Holiday Village House

Aldi Holiday Village House
Aldi Holiday Village House - Aldi

To be released in Aldi Store, Bakery, and Winebar varieties, the Merry Moments Holiday Village House will be available for $14.99 on November 8. In the past, Aldi has released nostalgic village houses depicting bakeries, schools, and toy stores. Each were decorated in snow to commemorate the holidays.

Benton's Gingerbread Mini Village Cookie Kit

Benton's Gingerbread Mini Village Cookie Kit
Benton's Gingerbread Mini Village Cookie Kit - Aldi

The Benton's Gingerbread Mini Village Cookie Kit is a great way to bond with your family this winter. Aldi will release it on November 22 for $9.99, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Great for younger children, the house comes pre-assembled and is ready to decorate.

Huntington Home Holiday 3 Wick Candle

Four Aldi holiday candles
Four Aldi holiday candles - Aldi

Huntington Home's three-wick candles will keep your surroundings smelling fresh while you decorate your house for parties, friends, or family. Releasing on November 2 for $4.49, there will be four scents available: winter balsam, frosted vanilla, holiday cranberry, and first snow.

Merry Moments 2 Pc Holiday Towel Set

Aldi Holiday towel set
Aldi Holiday towel set - Aldi

Another practical yet stylish decoration, the Merry Moments two-piece Holiday Towel Set will come in four designs: trees, holly, ornaments, and houses. They will be sold for $3.99 for a pack of two and will hit Aldi stores on November 15. For just $7.98, you'll be able to load up on all four of the fashionable styles.

Choceur Hot Cocoa Melting Chocolate Snowman

Hot cocoa melting chocolate snowman
Hot cocoa melting chocolate snowman - Aldi

Easy and fun for the entire family, the Choceur Hot Cocoa Melting Chocolate Snowman can be melted using hot milk. Each one comes with marshmallows and chocolate drops for flavor, and they sell for $2.49 apiece. These cutesy, white hot chocolate snowmen will be available beginning November 2.

Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar

Aldi coffee advent calendar
Aldi coffee advent calendar - Aldi

If you're a daily coffee drinker, winter will surely be your season to celebrate. To commemorate December and count down to Christmas, the Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar will come with enough coffee to last you until December 25. For early preparation, you can pick one of these calendars up from Aldi beginning on November 1 for only $13.99.

Merry Moments Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloth with Christmas tree pattern
Vinyl tablecloth with Christmas tree pattern - Aldi

A great accompaniment to Merry Moments' holiday towel set, the brand's tablecloths will help keep your table mess-free in red ornament, green tree, white holly berry, and beige tree designs. Aldi will begin carrying these tablecloths, which are made of vinyl for easy cleaning, on November 15 for $3.49.

Winternacht Pfeffernusse

Package of Winternacht Pfeffernusse
Package of Winternacht Pfeffernusse - Aldi

Yet another annual German-based treat, Winternacht Pfeffernusse are traditional spicy cookies made of molasses and pepper and coated in sugar. This particular product comes in an iced gingerbread flavor that fits in perfectly with the holiday season. They sell for just $2.79 and will be available on November 2.

Bentons Sugar Cookie Music Tin

Holiday sugar cookie tin
Holiday sugar cookie tin - Aldi

These special musical tins aren't only loaded with sweet sugar cookies, but they also play seasonal music, including "Let it Snow" and "Merry and Bright." For those who can't wait to indulge in these cookies, Aldi will release the tins on November 2 for $5.99.

Merry Moments Oversized Gnome

Oversized holiday gnome
Oversized holiday gnome - Aldi

The Merry Moments Oversized Gnome comes in red and green, plaid, red, and greenery. Like traditional gnomes, they have rounded noses and pointy hats. Some of these have subtle decorations, while another appears to resemble Santa. Great for your front porch, bookshelf, or anywhere else in your home, they will be priced at $19.99 and will hit shelves November 1.

Benton's Candy Cane Sandwich Cremes

Candy cane sandwich cremes
Candy cane sandwich cremes - Aldi

On November 2, Benton's Candy Cane Sandwich Cremes will be released for $2.69 per box. Much like Oreos, they have a chocolate cookie exterior and are stuffed in the middle with double peppermint creme filling. Though cookies like these are available all year round, the peppermint variety will surely bring back your childhood with its candy-cane flavor.

Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

Hot sauce advent calendar
Hot sauce advent calendar - Aldi

December may be cold, but you can warm it up a bit with this hot sauce advent calendar. For the first 25 days of the month, you'll be able to try various hot sauces of different flavors and spice profiles. It will be available for $14.99 starting November 1.

Huntington Home Wood Tree Candle

Wood tree candle
Wood tree candle - Aldi

The Huntington Home Wood Tree Candle has a unique, rustic appearance and is tied up with a decorative ribbon. It comes in two seasonal scent profiles: spiced cider, and balsam and birch. You'll be able to add these scents to your home on November 8 for $14.99 apiece.

Choceur Peppermint Bark

Bag of peppermint bark
Bag of peppermint bark - Aldi

Choceur Peppermint Bark will come in dark chocolate and white chocolate, satisfying all kinds of chocolate lovers. Much like the Candy Cane Sandwich Cremes, both flavors of bark include festive peppermint. Available on November 2, each bag will cost $4.99.

Beer Advent Calendar

Beer advent calendar
Beer advent calendar - Aldi

In some festive wordplay on the popular holiday song, this advent calendar states, "It's the most wonderful time for a beer." They may be right, as this 25-day calendar includes a small amount of beer behind each door. This calendar can be yours for $49.99 beginning November 1.

Heart To Tail Holiday Pet Sweater

'Naughty and nice' pet sweater
'Naughty and nice' pet sweater - Aldi

Just like you, your furry friends need to stay warm this winter, especially if they enjoy playing in the snow. Available only at Aldi, the Heart to Tail Holiday Pet Sweaters are available in red plaid, naughty pom, green window pane, and blue peppermint. They will sell for $4.99 beginning on November 8.

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