Alex Rodriguez had a lot of fun smashing eggs on his forehead

Since he retired from baseball, Alex Rodriguez has loosened up a lot. And if you want to know how much, all you had to do was watch the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, when A-Rod stopped by and proved he was up for anything.

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What kind of anything are we talking about? Well, how about smashing eggs on his head? It sounds ridiculous, but Alex Rodriguez actually did it. Clad in a Yankees jersey, he sat across from Jimmy Fallon in front of a live audience and played Egg Russian Roulette.

Egg Russian Roulette is simple, but so, so devious. They had a carton of 12 eggs, all decorated to look like little baseballs. Of those 12 eggs, eight were hard boiled, and four were raw. You probably see where this is going — A-Rod and Fallon were going to take turns smashing the eggs on their foreheads.

A-Rod whipped out a pair of batting gloves to wear while he smashed the eggs, so he was more than ready to play the game. The first egg he chose was hard boiled, so he chose well. But as for the second egg, well …

Alex Rodriguez smashed an egg on his head on television, and had a lot of fun doing it. (YouTube)

If you ever wanted to know what A-Rod’s face would look like the split second after he smashed a raw egg on his head, there you go. He picked up the egg and immediately rammed it into his forehead, and it exploded everywhere.

The best part? A-Rod got to choose one more egg, and he chose another raw one! The man smashed two raw eggs on his head in the span of about 60 seconds, and he did it on TV while laughing the entire time.

Baseball-playing A-Rod was great, but let’s face it: post-retirement A-Rod is the best A-Rod.

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