Alex Smith's wife shares inspiring and stunning workout video on his 36th birthday

Alex Smith’s horrific injury and stunning rehabilitation from a catastrophic leg injury has been just the kind of feel-good story the sports world has needed. ESPN’s stunning documentary profiled Smith’s courage while enduring 17 procedures on his leg that was as gripping as it was hopeful.

Carrying the story forward has been Smith’s wife, Elizabeth, who has been at his side throughout the ordeal. She supported her husband unilaterally and has been, according to ESPN’s Stephania Bell, a crucial part of his recovery.

“Elizabeth might be the hero in this story,” Bell said on NBC Sports’ Redskins Talk podcast. “As much as Alex has been through, [she was] the one who carried the emotional burden when he was frankly incoherent during much of that week where he was fighting the infection because of all the medication he was on.”

And now she’s celebrating Smith’s 36th birthday on Thursday by sharing another stunning look at where her husband is now. It’s not exactly clear when the video was taken, but anyone who has seen the documentary should be stunned by it.

This one (click past the initial photo to see the video) shows Smith working out — still wearing a massive leg brace — at a level that feels unimaginable if you’ve seen just how far he’s come to save his leg from amputation:

Happy birthday, Alex. And kudos to Elizabeth and the rest of the Smith family for their love and support. It’s an unbelievable success story whether or not Smith ever returns to play football.

And as Yahoo Sports’ Terez Paylor wrote recently, if there’s someone who could do it, it just might be the “one-out-of-a-million” Smith.

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