Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA heritage liveries revealed, and here's what it will cost

Ronan Glon

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Alfa Romeo created the Giulia GTA as a tribute to one of its most successful race cars, and the connection between the two models won't stop at the nameplate. Buyers will have the chance to order their hot-rodded sedan in one of several heritage-laced paint combinations worn decades ago by race-winning models.

Designers immersed themselves in Alfa Romeo's archives department to analyze the most emblematic color combinations worn by the original GTA and its derivatives during the 1960s and the 1970s. White with green stripes was common, as was red with a yellow front fascia. The firm often competed with red cars, so painting the front end yellow, white, or another contrasting color allowed race officials and fans to quickly identify the driver.

Stylists working in Alfa Romeo's Centro Stile then re-interpreted their favorite liveries to suit the Giulia GTA introduced in March 2020. The Italian firm said availability will be limited, but it didn't reveal how many cars it will assign a classic color combination to. Those who miss out will have to choose between green, white, and red.

Alfa Romeo will cap GTA production at 500 examples. Pricing on the European market starts at €143,000, while the lighter GTAm model (which is included in the 500-car production run) carries a base price of €147,000. These figures represent $155,000 and $160,000, respectively, though pricing for the American market hasn't been released. Every customer will receive a Bell helmet, a car cover that matches the paint, and a stint at the Alfa Romeo Driving Academy. GTAm buyers will also get a racing suit, gloves, and shoes made by Alpinestars.

Dyed-in-the-wool fans will have the opportunity to take delivery of their Giulia at the Autodelta workshop in Balocco, Italy. That's where many of Alfa Romeo's greatest race cars were developed and built. Those for whom Alfa's sportiest sedan in decades will remain a dream have the car's configurator as a consolation prize.

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