These environmentally friendly shoes from Allbirds saved my feet

Image via Allbirds/Instgram.

When I began taking the train to work a year and a half a go, it became abundantly clear very quickly that my choice in footwear needed an upgrade.

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After a few days of making the 10-minute trek to and from the train station to the office, I began developing some unsightly blisters from my flats. I soon noticed that my colleagues and fellow commuters performed a daily ritual akin to Mr. Rogers putting on his trusty cardigan of swapping out their sneakers and walking shoes for more office appropriate heels and flats as they arrived for work each day. Each night before powering down their computers, they would slip their sneakers back on before heading out for the evening.

Image via Allbirds.

Thanks to canvas shoes and lace-up sneakers, I eventually wisened up to the commuter life hack. Although comfortable, I couldn’t shake the feeling that by wearing running shoes while pounding the pavement I was veering into Melanie Griffith “Working Girl” territory.

Enter Allbirds Women’s Tree Breezers. Known for their unparalleled comfort, Allbirds took the same elements of design in their runners and loungers and created a sneaker and ballet flat hybrid that was the answer to my footwear prayers. It turns out I’m late to the part; celebrities such as Mila Kunis, Hilary Duff, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been riding the Allbirds train for years.

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (wearing Allbirds). Image via Splash News.

Made from sustainable eucalyptus pulp, the Tree Breezer features a smooth, machine-washable, breathable mesh-like fabric with enough stretch to conform to any shape of foot. Like other Allbirds products, these shoes include moisture-wicking padded insoles that uses castor bean oil, an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based foam that has a higher carbon output.

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Here’s what you need to know about Allbirds shoes They don’t even feel like you’re wearing shoes. After receiving my pair of Allbirds, I was immediately impressed by the lightweight design that literally put a spring in my step. The knit material and design looks and feels as though you’re wearing a pair of toe-socks with ample support thanks to the sole made out of the company’s patented SweetFoam, a foam derived from Brazilian sugarcane.

Ben Affleck wearing Allbirds. Image via Splash News.

As someone cursed with a wide foot, I often find wearing new shoes difficult until they’ve stretched to accommodate my feet. Tree Breezers conformed to my foot comfortably, without digging or pinching while I was walking through the city. I found myself reaching for them to walk the dogs, run errands and have been raving about them to friends and family who like me, hate having to sacrifice style for comfort.

Officially a convert to the church of Allbirds, here are my picks for the shoes you need to add to your wardrobe this Fall.

Women’s Tree Breezers

Image via Allbirds.

SHOP IT: Allbirds, $135 CAD

Men’s Wool Runners

Image via Allbirds.

SHOP IT: Allbirds, $135 CAD

Trino™ Hiders

Image via Allbirds.

SHOP IT: Allbirds, $16

Women’s Tree Loungers

Image via Allbirds.

SHOP IT: Allbirds, $135 CAD

Men’s Tree Toppers

Image via Allbirds.

SHOP IT: Allbirds, $165 CAD

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