Alshon Jeffery backs up his Super Bowl guarantee: 'Man, I told y'all'

MINNEAPOLIS — If you guarantee a victory, as underdogs, against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl and then back it up with a win? Puff out your chest and talk as much trash as you wish.

The floor is yours, Alshon Jeffery.

“Fly, Eagles, Fly! Hey, I told you all we were bringing this trophy back to Philly, man,” Jeffery said. “Guaranteed. Told you.”

He did. In the days leading up to the game, Jeffery responded to a question from NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero about “if” the Eagles won on Sunday. 

“Ain’t no if. Ain’t no if, man,” Jeffery interjected.

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He continued by saying “When we win this game on Sunday,” and “We’re bringing that trophy back to Philly, man.” Not long after the Eagles’ 41-33 win, Jeffery reminded everyone of his guarantee.

“Man, I told y’all,” Jeffery said. “Hey, we don’t care who we were playing. Facing this opponent, I knew Tom Brady, I respect him, a great player, one of the greatest ever. But hey, he had not played the Eagles yet. He [had not played] the Eagles, not the 2017-18 Eagles.”

It might not be Joe Namath in Super Bowl III, but it was a bold proclamation considering how Super Bowl teams usually go out of their way to avoid saying anything controversial. And he was right.

“Just keep on doubting us. You all doubting us now?” Jeffery said. “Vegas doubted us too, huh? Hey, we’re world champs. We’re top dogs. We’re not underdogs, we’re top dogs.

This Eagles team, in retrospect, was perfect to be the one to win Philadelphia’s first Super Bowl. They weren’t touted as contenders before the season, were buried by many after Carson Wentz’s injury and were expected to lose each of their three playoff games. They just grabbed their dog masks and used the slights as motivation.

And now, as generations told their kids and grandchildren about Chuck Bednarik, Norm Van Brocklin and the day the Eagles beat Vince Lombardi’s Packers to win the 1960 NFL championship, Philly fans will have new stories to tell. They’ll talk about the gutsy coach who called a trick play on fourth-and-goal, Nick Foles shocking the world, Zach Ertz’s thrilling go-ahead touchdown, Brandon Graham’s clutch strip-sack of Tom Brady and how the Eagles finally ended more than 50 years of heartache with one grand upset.

“Everybody played up to their potentials, everybody gave of themselves to the next man,” center Jason Kelce said. “That’s the epitome of what this team did all season long. I can’t be more happy to be part of the group that provided the first Super Bowl to the Philadelphia organization, with a team like this.”

While they were clearly happy for themselves, multiple players pointed out how happy they were for the city of Philadelphia. It’s a special relationship between them and the fans.

“You guys have been longing for this,” tight end Zach Ertz said when he was asked to deliver a message to Eagles fans. “We are just lucky to be here and deliver this for you guys.”

“I know what it means to them,” tight end Brent Celek said. “Man, legendary. This is legendary for Philly. I love it.”

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery said his team would win Super Bowl LII, and he was right. (AP)

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