Alyssa Milano slammed for calling herself 'trans' and 'a person of color' on Twitter

A tweet of Alyssa Milano’s saying the activist and actress is transgender, a person of color, an immigrant and disabled faced backlash from both sides of the aisle.

Alyssa Milano apologized for tweeting that she’s “trans” and “a person of color.” (Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

The debate began when Milano tweeted that she was celebrating her “transgender sisters” on Friday, which was International Women’s Day. When someone asked if she’s transgender, Milano responded that she is “everything” and encouraged her fans to not be afraid of what they don’t know.

The criticism was swift, as people pointed out that Milano is a straight, cisgender, able-bodied white woman who hasn’t had the same experiences as people with different backgrounds. One person pointed out that her tweet reflected the “I don’t see color” approach, which they called “oppression and erasure.”

Milano apologized for offending people in another tweet on Saturday, but added that she’s glad her comment “invoked conversation.” She explained that her intention was to reflect words from the poet Rumi: “This is a subtle truth. Whatever you love, you are.” 

Not everyone was happy that her apology included a “but” statement, arguing that it seemed to try to justify the tweet in question.

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