Alyssa Milano and Tomi Lahren are in a Twitter feud over gun control

After trading barbs with Cardi B — who threatened to “dog walk” the Fox Nation host — earlier this year, Tomi Lahren is now embroiled in a Twitter debate with actress and activist Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano and Tomi Lahren are arguing about gun control. (Photo: AP Photo/John Bazemore)

It all kicked off when the controversial conservative pundit went on Twitter to slam the “shameless Democrats [using] tragedy to push for more gun control” following the latest U.S. mass shooting. A shooting at UNC Charlotte on Tuesday has left two people dead, with four others wounded.

Lahren claims that stricter gun laws will not stop "crazed, hateful maniacs." (Photo: RW/MediaPunch/IPX)

Lahren also lashed out at Rep. Eric Swalwell, the California congressman and presidential candidate who has supported stricter gun control measures. After Swalwell responded to the Charlotte shooting with a tweet calling for “action on gun safety in [victims’] honor,” Lahren fired back that gun reform wouldn’t prevent “crazed, hateful maniacs” from committing crimes.

The Democratic politician responded to Lahren by referencing Australia’s strict gun laws. The country passed its National Firearms Agreement — which banned certain certain semi-automatic, self-loading rifles and shotguns — in 1996 in response to a mass shooting that year in which 35 people were killed. As Swalwell noted, they have not had a mass shooting since.

Undeterred, Lahren tweeted back that the gun laws have not stopped Australians from owning more guns — a point many have noted actually supports Swalwell’s argument.

“So you’re saying that gun control laws will prevent mass shootings while not hindering legitimate gun ownership?” read one comment.

While Swalwell is calling Lahren’s tweet “what losing an argument looks like,” Milano has thrown in her two cents. The former Charmed star schooled Lahren on why Australia’s approach prevents “unnecessary gun violence” and therefore should be adopted by the United States.

In the process, Milano accidentally — she claims — called Lahren “Toni,” not “Tomi.” Though the actress blames spellcheck for the typo, the TV host’s name is often purposely botched by her critics, most notably by the rapper Wale, who delights in calling her “Tammy.”

Milano quickly added that she “meant no disrespect.”

`Lahren ignored the name flub, but did double down on her pro-gun, anti-immigration views when responding to Milano.

Milano has yet to reply to Lahren’s rant.

One critic, however, did weigh in:

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