Amanda Bynes is back on Instagram and has bright pink hair (we didn't recognise her)

Gabrielle Dyer
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From Cosmopolitan

  • Amanda Bynes has returned to Instagram after a years hiatus.
  • Her initial upload was a mirror selfie showing off newly dyed bright pink hair.

For the last year or so, Amanda Bynes has stayed far away from social media.

Following her very public breakdown back in 2013, she posted a few bizarre Tweets and uploaded the odd selfie or two - but other than that she has remained well and truly shtum.

News just in: she's back. Yep, the 33-year-old has returned to Instagram, which she announced on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, saying, "Hey guys! I'm on instagram now ! Check me out." She accompanied the Tweet with her very first Instagram post where she's sporting bright pink hair.

Amanda is no stranger to experimenting with her locks. Five years back she shaved her entire head after her strands were severely damaged by bleach. Since then, she's sported a plethora of shades, including pastel purple, white blonde and green - although these were all wigs.

We finally got a glimpse at her natural hair when she appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine. The hot pink hue, however, is an altogether new look for Amanda, and while we love it we have to admit we genuinely didn't even recognise her.

Wearing a gold septum ring and a matte lip, there's no doubt that Bynes can pull off her new 'do, we're loving how she's let her natural waves come through, too.

Following the original upload, she posted another snap of her pink hair - though, it looks more purple in this pic, but we reckon it's just the filter.

We're hoping that her social media resurgence is a sign that she's doing well, and it sounds like she is, as a few months ago she announced that she had graduated from California’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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