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My favourite $16 tech organizer back in stock: Why it's 'a must have' for travel

I'll be adding this travel organizer to my packing list for years to come.

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Bagsmart Travel Universal Cable Bag tech organizer keeps cords and other small items secure
This $16 tech organizer has become my must have on vacation. Image via Amazon.

When it comes to travel, my number one rule is to plan ahead — especially after several years of uncertainty in the travel industry. I like to pack light (carry-on only!), which means that I keep to a strict packing list when it comes to clothing, toiletries, and tech.

Once I make my list, the next step in packing is organization. Packing cubes and travel organizers have become my best friends on my recent vacations, including one affordable find that keeps all of my tech accessories neatly in one place.

The Bagsmart Travel Universal Cable Bag is just $16, and after months, it's finally back in stock at Amazon Canada. Keep reading to find out why it's become one of my absolute must-have for trips.

Bagsmart Travel Universal Cable Bag

Bagsmart Travel Universal tech organizer. Image via Amazon.
Bagsmart Travel Universal tech organizer. Image via Amazon.

$16 at Amazon

The details

While it may seem like just another item to add to your collection of travel gear, this organizer actually makes it super easy to keep all of your tech neatly in one place. It has room to hold several charging cables, power banks and adapters, as well as smaller items like SD or SIM cards.

It features a mix of zippered pockets, mesh compartments, and elastic loops to ensure that none of your cords end up tangled on the road. It also zips completely closed and is about the same size as a small book, even when fully packed.

First impressions

I used to be guilty of throwing my chargers and headphones into a small backpack pocket and calling it a day, but have since come around to a better system for keeping things organized while on vacation.

When my Bagsmart organizer first arrived, I was a little skeptical that it would actually fit everything that I had planned to pack, as my packing list typically includes: multiple Apple charging cords and wall adapters for my phone, laptop, and watch, a mouse, wired earbuds, and cables for my Kobo e-reader.

My fully packed Bagsmart Travel organizer
My fully packed Bagsmart Travel organizer.

$16 at Amazon

Once fully packed, I was pleasantly surprised by how much the little pouch could actually hold. The bag had room for everything on my list (and more) and was still able to zip comfortably closed.

It fit easily into my carry-on bag as well, along with my toiletries case and laptop case for a neat and organized travel experience. Since purchasing it back in March, this organizer has earned a permanent place on every vacation packing list.

What others are saying

One of the main reasons that I opted for the Bagsmart organizer over other similar options was its vast array of positive customer reviews. It's earned a 4.6-star rating from more than 7,000 Amazon shoppers, who have praised its "durable construction" and "practical size."

One shopper found that it's "perfect for keeping all electronic cords together" while another added that it manages to stay "very compact and organized."

Reviewers have called this bag "a must have for every family," since it eliminates the need to search frantically in order to find the right cables and chargers.

Others have found that this bag is good for the"average packer with average cord needs," but may not be large enough for those who travel with extensive photography equipment or other tech devices.

Personally, I thought there was more than enough space for my everyday chargers and cables, but if you are looking for some extra room for storage you can also shop the brand's larger 2-Layer Electronic Organizer for $36.

The verdict

It might sound silly, but I have to say that having the Bagsmart Travel Universal Cable Bag while on vacation definitely brings me some peace of mind. It's a convenient place to store all of my essential tech accessories, and since they are all visible at a glance, it's easy to make sure that I'm not forgetting anything before heading home.

At $16, this travel organizer is also a super affordable choice. Now that I've been using this travel organizer for the last year (and a few vacations) I can definitely say that this Bagsmart tech organizer is well worth buying.

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