Want to get rid of blackheads? This pore cleaner has over 700 five-star reviews

Maisie Bovingdon
·Shopping writer

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Blackhead removers are becoming a hugely popular skincare must-have for people wanting a blemish-free complexion.

Over the last year there has been an 80% rise in people asking Google “how to get rid of blackheads”, with blackhead vacuums, removers, face masks and extractors among the most popular search terms.

Fitfort has catered for everyone’s needs with their Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner, which is available to buy on Amazon.

The rechargeable extractor tool has five adjustable suction power settings, as well as four replacement probes, for a deep cleanse as each nozzle works to get into those hard to reach areas where dirt can get trapped into your pores.

Buy it: Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner | £21.99 (Was £29.99) from Amazon

The gadget not only reduces blackheads, whiteheads, and acne breakouts by unclogging blocked pores, and reducing the production of oil, the handheld device also helps to smooth out wrinkles.

The blackhead cleaner has a small LED display to show the power levels, and when the battery life is running low a brief two-hour charge will be enough to top it up to be used for 180 minutes.

Plus the must-have is eco-friendly, as it is made from ABS material, which is non toxic and does not irritate the skin.

The Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner is easy to clean too, simply remove each nozzle and wash with warm water before using again.

Customers can’t get enough of the cleanser, as over 80% of its 1,000 reviews have been rated between four and five stars.

Some have hailed the item as the “best gadget ever” and a “miracle” tool, which is more effective than other tools.

One review read: “Using this product took only 3-4 minutes and the results was amazing. I have oily skin and spend a lot on scrubs but this product is an electronic miracle.”

“I have had the product less than two weeks but already love it so much. As a man there isn't much we can do like in terms of healthcare and beauty routine wise. This product is definitely a keeper and one I will use regularly hopefully once a week”, shared another happy shopper.

A third added: “Very happy with this little black head tool. It’s cheap and effective at clearing black heads without resorting to using your fingers or any other instruments that might have bacteria on and infect the spot more.”

However, some customers noticed their skin was sore or red after using the blackhead vacuum, and advised starting with a gentle suction to start with before increasing the power levels, and not to go over the same area too often.

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