Calling all gym buffs: The 'best adjustable bench ever' is 20% off right now on Amazon

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woman laying on back on workout bench holding weights in air wearing green tank top and leggings
The Fitness Reality Bench has been billed the "best adjustable bench ever" by Amazon shoppers (Photo via Getty)

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With a new pandemic variant rearing its head, many people are understandably nervous about returning to their in-person exercise classes and fitness studios.

If you would rather work out from the comfort and safety of your home, then Amazon's Fitness Reality bench is worth checking out.

The top-rated weight bench has been dubbed the "best adjustable bench ever" by reviewers, and right now, it's on sale for 20 per cent off.

To learn why more than 6,200 reviewers have given this bench a five-star rating, check out the details below.

Fitness Reality Bench

Fitness Reality Bench in black with metal base (Photo via Amazon)
Fitness Reality Bench (Photo via Amazon)

$120 $150 at Amazon

What is it

If you're looking to take your home fitness regime up a notch in the new year, Amazon shoppers recommend checking out the 12-position weight bench from Fitness Reality.

Featuring a weight capacity of 800 pounds, the bench comfortably fits users up to 6'4" tall.

Depending on your workout, its backrest and front legs are adjustable, allowing up to 12 possible positions, including seated, incline and flat.

Perfect for dumbbell and other strength training exercises, the ultra-stable design prevents movement or rocking during workouts so that you can focus on the task at hand.

What people are saying

Dubbed the "best adjustable bench ever" by Amazon shoppers, the Fitness Reality bench has racked up more than 6,200 five-star ratings from reviewers.

Given near-perfect stars for assembly, sturdiness, and stability, the bench has been called the "best bench I have ever owned," even by seasoned bodybuilders.

I have been "lifting weights for 30 years," writes one shopper. It's "one of the most stable benches" I have ever used; even compared to those in gyms, they continue.

"I have tried many benches," writes another reviewer, most of them with "a bit of a wiggle" to them. In comparison, this bench is "solid as hell." There's "no give, no wiggle," just a "well-built, solid bench."

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"I'm 6'3", and there's plenty of space" left on the back, according to another user. You would have to be extremely tall to be "too tall" for this bench, they write.

However, some shoppers mention the bench does not offer the "best shoulder support" for "really heavy weightlifting."

The width of the backrest is only nine inches at the midpoint, so if you're lifting heavy weights, you would be "asking for an injury," writes one reviewer.

Another shopper says they wish the bench was "a tad wider."

Fitness Reality Bench with blonde woman in light green tank top and black leggings sitting (Photo via Amazon)
Fitness Reality Bench (Photo via Amazon)

$120 $150 at Amazon

The verdict

Backed by more than 6,200 five-star reviews, the Fitness Reality Bench has been billed the "best adjustable bench ever" by Amazon shoppers. A versatile piece of equipment, the bench is a great option for all types of exercises, including bench presses, sit-ups, push-ups, and dips. However, before you head to checkout, some shoppers note its slim design may not be ideal for all body types.

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