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Cosori air fryer, TP-link router.
Whether you need a top-of-the-line air fryer, a new router, or just about anything else, there's an Amazon coupon to slash the cost. (Photo: Amazon)

Super-savvy old-school coupon clippers can make an art form out of saving money. And though you may think online shopping doesn't quite allow for the same form of self-expression, you'd be wrong. At least when it comes to Amazon.

If you're into coupons, there's one place on Amazon you can go to access a bounty of them. It's just like thumbing through the newspaper in olden times. You can see what coupons are available, search for coupons from your favorite brands, and generally revel in the thrill of saving.

Amazon's secret page of coupons is available to you anytime. Just click this link, and get a load of the categories list on the left column.

How it works

On this special secret page, Amazon offers up various discounts on things like tools, pet supplies, electronics and fashion. You can "clip" (aka "click") the coupons of your choice, and the items are added to your cart for purchase — the discount is applied when you check out, now or later. Don't worry if you don't see the discount in your cart right away — it will show up at checkout.

You can also use the search bar on the coupons page to hunt down coupons for brands you like. Above the list of categories on the left side, click "your coupons" to view all of coupons you've clipped; this is a great tool for comparing discounts.

The 'Sort By' drop-down menu can show various groupings: coupons offering the biggest savings; coupons based on expiration date; and the most popular "couponed" items.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? Well, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. (And, of course, even those without Prime get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Details, details

  • Coupons are only eligible for one item, which means if you buy three identical air purifiers, only one will receive the discount shown on the coupon.

  • New coupon offers are constantly being added, so check the page regularly for up-to-date savings.

  • Although you don't have to use your coupons immediately, there is an expiration date for each, so if you find something you want, best to get it sooner rather than later.

  • If you return an item bought with a coupon, the amount you saved might be subtracted from the return credit.

  • You can share a coupon on social media or via email, so if you find a discount your friend will love, send it their way (it won’t take away your ability to use the same one).

Head on over to Amazon's "secret" coupon page and scope out a slew of savings. But first have a gander at these products we plucked from the latest listings. Holidays, here we come. Happy shopping!

Best Home Coupon

Save $7: LEVOIT Humidifier

LEVOIT Humidifier
Breathe easy and relieve itchy winter skin with this sleek humidifier. (Photo: Amazon)

If you’re suffering from sinus congestion or dry skin, a humidifier in the bedroom could make a big difference. This LEVOIT has a 360-degree rotating nozzle, to distribute mist evenly, and allows you to select your preferred level of moisture. “I can say without a doubt, this is the best ultrasonic humidifier I have owned to date,” reports one shopper. “I love the durability of it [and] ease of use....” She also said this device “looks amazing, no matter where you put it.”

Shop it: LEVOIT Classic 200 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $43 with on-page coupon (was $50),

Best Kitchen Coupon

Save $10: COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer
Grab this smart air fryer in advance for holiday entertaining — 68,000+ five-star reviewers can't be wrong! (Photo: Amazon)

As you probably know, an air fryer is the ideal tool for cooking up crisp food without using much oil. This WiFi-enabled model from COSORI kicks it up a notch; you can control it with an app or via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This Amazon reviewer is one among tens of thousands who are thrilled: “I love this air fryer! I use it to make hamburgers, chicken wings, sausages, bacon, to cook vegetables, and to reheat already cooked foods.... I don't like cooking meat indoors because of the smoke and grease that gets everywhere. This air fryer does not smoke and grease does not escape. Everything I have made so far has come out very well cooked and delicious. It's also very fast....”

Shop it: COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer, $110 with on-page coupon (was $120),

Best Tech Coupon

Save $10: TP-Link Smart WiFi Router

TP-Link Smart WiFi Router
Connect all your devices with this reliable and affordable router (Photo: Amazon)

With so many connected devices in our homes these days, a solid, dependable WiFi router is the new hearth. This TP-Link router has the latest WiFi 6 technology and high customer satisfaction. “This is the fifth wireless router I have hooked up.... I finally found our winner,” one shopper said. “This is by far the best! We have it in the back of our pantry, there is a ton of metal work all around and we still get 100% signal strength.... I get [a signal] well into the neighbors' yards. Setup took less than 5 mins ... TP-Link is a winner.”

Shop it: TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500 Smart WiFi Router, $70 with on-page coupon (was $80),

Best Electronics Coupon

Save $7: Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Light up your home from your phone (Photo: Amazon)
Light up your home from your phone (Photo: Amazon)

The Kasa smart light bulb is not just dimmable, but it connects directly to your home’s WiFi network so that you can control it remotely. It even works with voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant. “Great light bulbs,” said one shopper. “I have four of them now. They work really well in lamps. You can pop them in and pull the string to keep the light on all the time and then use the app or voice to turn them on, schedule them to come on at sunset, sunrise or a specific time.”

Shop it: Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL110, $10 with on-page coupon (was $17),

Best Personal Care Coupon

Save $25: TOLOCO Massage Gun

TOLOCO Massage Gun
Relieve your aches and pains with this percussive massage gun (Photo: Amazon)

A holiday gift that would delight just about everyone, at $25 off? You might need to grab multiples. The TOLOCO percussive massage gun, which has 20 speed levels and 10 replaceable massage heads, relieved muscle aches and goes deep on fascia. “I purchased this massager to help with some exercise-induced muscle pain I was experiencing,” said a reviewer. “It has made a world of difference for me and my daily regimen. It's like having a personal masseuse to resolve those after-workout aches and pains. The unit is solid. It has a long battery life, tons of attachments to pinpoint specific areas, lots of power to dig deep into muscle tissue, and a great case to keep everything nice and tidy....”

Shop it: TOLOCO Massage Gun, $95 with on-page coupon (was $120),

Best Fashion Coupon

Save $20: Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch
A modern classic, at a great price. (Photo: Amazon)

This simple, sporty, gender-neutral Timex is not just good-looking but it's also water-resistant. Shoppers are raving about it. “I’ve never had a nylon watch band, but so far I love it,” said one. “Most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn [...] The nylon is extremely comfortable. I put it on first thing in the morning and take it off just before bed, and hardly notice it is there throughout the day.” Another liked it as well: "It's a quartz movement so it'll keep time much more accurately than any mechanical watches. I generally need to adjust by a few minutes every couple of months or so. I've abused this watch (banging against walls / desks, dropping it on the floor, submerging under water, leaving it out in freezing / scorching weathers) but it's still running like a champ with the slightest of scratches on the glass."

Shop it: Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch, $27 with on-page coupon (was $47),

Best Automotive Coupon

Save $17: THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner

THISWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner
Have fun cleaning the car with this powerful portable mini vac. (Photo: Amazon)

Say goodbye to dirt and detritus on the car floor, in the crevices of seats, and on the dashboard. “This thing is awesome!” says a shopper. “I have a 2018 Dodge Durango that sadly does not have leather seats. I own three dogs and it is just a nightmare pulling out my extension cord to vacuum my truck. I can now just plug this little guy into my 12v car outlet and I’m good to go!... Also the attachments are fantastic.”

Shop it: THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner, $28 with on-page coupon (was $45),

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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