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Need a new laptop? This top-rated 'workhorse' is on sale for $360

Ready for one of the best laptop deals of the year? This one is so great that you need to see it to believe it. The Sgin 15.6-inch laptop is down to $360 from its usual price of $489 — a cool 25% off. This baby punches well above its weight class with 12GB of RAM and a 512GB internal drive that meets or beats most other laptops in this price range in terms of power and capacity. It's everything you need to work from home and keep your boss impressed.


Sgin 15.6-inch Laptop

$800$1,334Save $534
This laptop boasts up to eight hours of battery life and greatly improved airflow, thanks to a better-designed chassis and new fans capable of driving a tremendous amount of air away from the system.
$800 at Amazon

Who is Sgin?

The Sgin brand has been around since 2007. The company has quietly produced quality notebooks and laptops since then and has established itself as an under-sung but reliable option. Though the laptops tend to be more budget-friendly devices, the internal components are sourced from reputable manufacturers. Sgin even offers a one-year warranty on all purchases, should you experience any malfunctions.

Lightweight and portable

Despite the amount of power packed into this laptop, it has a thin shell and weighs just 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg). You can easily slip it into a tote bag for working on the go. Thanks to its wide variety of ports, you can connect mice, keyboards and even external monitors to suit your personal workflow.

"Excellent laptop. The top-rate features are definitely five stars — screen quality, battery life and lightweight. It's a thin, quality laptop. I did not know much about the brand, so I looked up reviews prior to purchase. I agree it's an underrated brand. I can use it for all my work needs while my daughter can use it for her gaming desires as well as future school needs," said one five-star reviewer. "Setup was quick and simple!... Battery charges quickly and Windows is ready to go.... Overall, I would say it's a great value for all the features."

"Great little workhorse," said another fan. "Purchased this when our eight-year-old laptop quit working. It was easy to hook up to Wi-Fi, responsive to touch, and easy to set up Microsoft Office on. While it’s smaller than our previous one, it’s lighter and easier to handle. It isn’t touchscreen, but for the price we didn’t care."

Sgin laptop
This Sgin laptop packs a surprising amount of power into a small frame, all at a great price. (Photo: Amazon)

More power

One feature that caught our attention was the 12GB of RAM. The majority of laptops have 4GB or 8GB, and gaming laptops come outfitted with 16GB or more (but they're usually pretty pricey). This laptop falls squarely in the middle of those numbers, giving it plenty of power to tackle things like Photoshop and video rendering.

This is matched by the 2.9GHz processor driving the entire machine. You can even expand the internal memory up to another 512GB for a total of over 1TB of storage with a TF card.

"This laptop is great for video and picture editing. The screen is a great size, and it runs videos very smoothly," said a satisfied shopper. "The keyboard is nice and quiet, at least compared to the keyboard on my [old] computer. The laptop can also run some games that aren't very demanding in the graphics department. The large amount of storage is also very useful. Overall, I give this laptop five out of five stars."

This is a fantastic deal on a laptop with this level of power. One thing to note is that, despite these specs, it is not made for hardcore gaming. It utilizes onboard graphics instead of a dedicated graphics card, so while it can handle a few non-demanding games, you won't be able to play anything like Cyberpunk 2077 on this.

Outside of gaming, though, the multiple ports allow for a lot of versatility in workspace setup, while the impressive amount of RAM, internal storage and processor speed make it a more powerful option than almost anything else you'll find at this price.


Sgin 15.6-inch Laptop

$800$1,334Save $534
Even though it's a manageable size, this thing is packed with power. Grab it while it's massively on sale.
$800 at Amazon

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