Amazon and Walmart Are The Best Places to Find Black Friday Sales on Apple Products

Shanon Maglente
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Photo credit: amazon
Photo credit: amazon

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Black Friday 2020 is happening this week, and it's the absolute perfect time to save on all the expensive-but-worth-it items you and your loved ones have been wanting. Apple products like the iPhone 12, MacBook Pro and AirPods are bound to land on your family's wishlists. The big question is, though ...

Does Apple offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?

According to Apple, the company does their own version of Black Friday, but instead of providing steep discounts, the brand gives customers an Apple Store gift card of up to $150 when they buy eligible products. Just like last year, Apple will hold their Four-Day Shopping Event from Black Friday November 27 through Cyber Monday, November 30:

Of course, you can also typically find deals on Apple products at retailers like Amazon and Walmart, as well.


What are the best early Apple Black Friday deals?

Last month, Amazon Prime Day showed promise in some steep discounts on Apple watches and AirPods, and it looks like Black Friday sales will be similar. While we wait for Apple's official Four-Day shopping event to launch, here are some early Apple deals you can shop now:


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