Amazon's weekend sale is absolutely nuts — here are the highlights, starting at $5

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A laptop with the Amazon logo on the screen sitting on a couch
Kick back, relax and watch the deals just fall into your lap(top). (Photo: Getty)

Finding yourself itching to upgrade some of your home essentials now that spring is, well, springing? Lucky you: Amazon just launched a fabulous weekend sale that will truly make every area of your life bloom, from easy ways to maximize every space in your home to the best in personal and wellness care. Even better: We've collected all the very best deals for you right here, so you can spend less time scouring for sales and more time crossing stuff off your shopping list!

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Check out the latest and greatest deals, below:

Home theater

The TCL TV on its main Roku TV homepage with apps like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and more
65 inches of pure entertainment bliss. (Photo: Amazon)

If you're looking for a big screen at a great price, here's a good bet: the TCL 65-inch Class 4-Series 4K Smart Roku TV, on sale this weekend for a fab $450 (all the way down from $800!). The TCL 4-Series delivers all your favorite content with thousands of streaming channels, accessible through a simple, personalized home screen in a sleek, modern design. Enjoy all your faves in 4K the easy way, with TCL's built-in Roku TV functionality!

"I truly love this TV...I can stream all of the apps I want on the TV with no issues. The quality is insane. I’ve been to other peoples places and their TV picture quality loads all pixelated or slow. But this one's so clear that I watch nature documentaries and it feels like you're there! The size for the price [is] a steal," noted one five-star reviewer.

$450 $800 at Amazon

A white mini projector, a small black tripod, a black carrying case for the projector, and a smartphone with image on screen of a girl on Christmas wearing an antler headband
We're not projecting here — this is a great deal! (Photo: Amazon)

Or maybe a more theater-like experience is closer to your speed? If so, we recommend you try out this 1080p HD WiFi/Bluetooth-compatible Projector from Fangor. It can be yours this weekend for just $160 with an on-page coupon (down from $390). We've done the math, BTW: that's over 58% off!

This home projector provides bright large-screen imagery with fantastic clarity, outstanding color accuracy and incredibly sharp image detail wherever you want to watch — in your basement den, on your bedroom wall, even out in the yard! Just insert your USB stick or hard drive to play all types of media, provide power for compatible HDMI streaming media players, or slide in a Micro-SD card with whatever you want to watch...the world is your oyster! Comes with a carrying case and tripod.

"The picture quality definitely knocked it out of the shows perfectly on a 100-inch screen, and we're looking forward to enjoying more movie nights. If you're looking to purchase a projector with 1080p native resolution, this is a great bundle," raved one happy reviewer.

$160 with coupon $390 at Amazon

Check out more great home theater deals below:

Headphones and earbuds

Black headphones with the name
We're over-ijoyed to bring you this incredible deal. (Photo: Amazon)

Want to enjoy your music, movies, and games like never before? Check out the iJoy Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones, on sale for just $19 (down from $30).

Made of premium-quality materials, these iJoy headphones are ergonomically designed and perfect for daily use. Play your favorite PC games, sit back and enjoy the music tracks you love or watch the latest popular movies with unparalleled HQ sound quality in the comfort of your home. The memory-protein (yes, that's a thing) earmuffs ensure that they remain steady on your head without hurting your ears, and the adjustable headband promises that they are perfectly fitted. Additionally, the soft, snug pad on the inside of the headband provides full protection and impeccable comfort.

Don't you worry — the headphones are flexible enough to fit all head shapes, but not too loose so that they keep falling off! Reviewers — especially earbud-averse reviewers — love them too: "OMG these headphones are the truth!!!" enthused one music lover, "I’m in love and they are so COMFORTABLE... I dislike anything in my ears, so THESE ARE PERFECT!"

$19 $30 at Amazon

Check out more headphone and earbud deals below:

Tablets and tech

The Samsung Galaxy A8 tablet with a colorful abstract screen
Traverse galaxies of entertainment right at your fingertips. (Photo: Amazon)

Samsung's Galaxy Tab A8 features a 10.5-inch display and 32 GB of storage, so that you can stream your favorite videos, access your favorite apps and more quickly and easily. It enables access to the Google Play store and Samsung Galaxy stores, and includes an 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera and 1920 x 1080 video resolution so that your video chats are “clear and crisp.” And, you can enjoy it for hours on a single charge and get back to 100 percent power via its super speedy USB C port. All for just $180 (down from $230)...not too shabby!

"This Samsung tablet is a breath of fresh air," gushed one shopper. "It works smoothly and syncs everything together with no problems. It has great speakers that play clear and sound great. It's at a great price, considering how new it is, and is a great alternative to the iPad."

$180 $230 at Amazon

Check out more tablet and tech deals below:


A black gaming computer keyboard with keys backlit with rainbow colors
Owna Cynosa Chroma and keep your gaming sharp. (Photo: Amazon)

Does your gaming experience need a little upgrade? The Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard is here to help create an immersive all-around gaming experience, and it's on sale for a limited time only for $40 (originally $60). Enjoy ultimate personalization with easy syncing to popular games, Philips Hue, Razer products and gear from 30-plus partners...and keep on gaming, because this keyboard has a two-year warranty and will be your best friend through up to 80 million clicks.

One happy shopper updated their review after a good long workout of the Razer Cynosa, stating "I've now had this keyboard for a year and would not trade it for anything else. It still runs like a dream, with absolutely zero issues. The lighting remains strong and no keys have needed replacing/repairing. I would give it six stars if possible!" That's the kind of quality and longevity we can get behind.

$40 $60 at Amazon

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Smart home

Four round white smart plugs with blue LED buttons on the side
You say you want a smart-home revolution? This fab four will bring it. (Photo: Amazon)

The best thing about a smart home is being able to control almost every aspect from it from almost anywhere. Add even more functionality with these Aoycocr Alexa Smart Plugs, available in a 4-pack for just $25 this weekend (down from $33).

There are tons of benefits to using smart plugs! These, in particular, work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well as via remote control; they allow you to set timers, which helps to save energy and ensures that everything will be just as you want it as soon as you get home; and you can share control with your family, so your spouse, your kids, even Grandpa and Nana can work these plugs with ease.

"I already have Google Home and smart LED lights around the house, but I decided to take it a bit further and try to automate other stuff like electric fans, the rice cooker, and other appliances," mused one satisfied reviewer. "The Smart Life app setup wizard was quick, and I got all four sockets connected to my WiFi in five minutes.... So far, I am very happy with my purchase. [An] inexpensive, smart solution that works very well. Highly recommended."

$25 for 4-pack $33 at Amazon

Check out more smart-home deals below:


The black Roomba robot vacuum with a smart phone and
This thing's got a mind of its own; time to use your head and get one. (Photo: Amazon)

Keep your home clean without lifting a finger, thanks to the iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum, on sale this weekend for an awesome 36 percent off! Schedule it to clean up daily dirt, dust and debris with the app or a voice assistant. A full suite of advanced sensors allow this Roomba to navigate under and around furniture and along edges, with a "Cliff Detect" to keep it from falling down stairs. Coolest of all, it'll learn from your cleaning habits to offer up customized schedules and even suggest extra cleanings when the pollen count is high or during pet-shedding season!

One satisfied customer said, "This product is revolutionary! This little robot goes under my furniture, climbs the threshold between rooms, does a fantastic job cleaning my many rugs.... With the app, I can start it even when I'm not at home (orscheduled it in advance) to come back to a clean home without experiencing the noise...a must-have for any household."

$192 $300 at Amazon

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A small black and silver air fryer shown with the door half out, containing french fries
Grease is most definitely NOT the word when it comes to the Ultrean's take on your fave fried foods. (Photo: Amazon)

Have you found yourself gazing at TV chefs with envy as they maneuver around their super-efficient, gadget-stocked kitchens? Well, bring a little of the glamour home with the Ultrean 4.2 Quart Air Fryer, now just $56 with on-page coupon. This sleek black air fryer uses virtually zero oil to crisp up your favorite fried treats — think wings, cauliflower bites and fries — and make them crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

"I have literally been cooking everything in this air fryer and couldn't be happier. Just wish I would have pulled the trigger earlier," confessed one (now) happy home cook.

$56 with coupon $96 at Amazon

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A black electric toothbrush with several replacement heads, a case, and a box with
Open up and say, "Wow.....". (Photo: Amazon)

You have beauty, brains, and power — don't you want a toothbrush to match? The AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush is a world-class modern electric chopper cleaner packed with the most up-to-date technology, featuring an ultra-powerful, industry leading motor producing 40,000 vibrations per minute; lithium-ion battery, ultra-fast wireless charging; four-mode operation; smart vibration timers; eight DuPont engineered brush heads and bristles; and a custom travel case. All this for just $40 (down from $60).

The Aquasonic is 10x more powerful than a manual toothbrush, and promises to deliver healthier gums in one week, and whiter teeth in just two. One (now) smiling shopper noted in their review, "Like others have mentioned the brush is powerful and definitely leaves you with the fresh out of the dentist chair feeling."

$40 $60 at Amazon

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The bottom half of a woman posing wearing black flared leggings
Add some flare to any outfit. (Photo: Amazon)

Flared pants are currently making a comeback, so get up to speed with Satina's Palazzo Pants, now at the incredible price of $19 (was $25)! These cozy high-waisted numbers are made with the same peachskin fabric that thousands of reviewers have admired in their leggings, which means you can strut your stuff in style and comfort. Available in 16 colors.

Satina touts these as pants for all seasons, settings and occasions, so no matter if you're hitting the office early or staying out late with friends, the'll elevate any outfit. One five-star fan raved, "I wear these as often as possible. Every time I put them on, I'm filled with joy, there's a bounce in my step, and my frequency is literally immediately elevated. I'd wear them every day if I could. I'd buy a lifetime supply, if I could."

$19 $25 at Amazon

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Bedding and home

A white mattress lays on a large bed with a teal fabric headboard and multi-colored pillows
Drink in the comfort and cool of this green-tea-infused mattress. (Photo: Amazon)

Those of you with queen-size beds — get ready to revamp your sleeping situation! Right now, the Zinus 8 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is only $283, down from $342. Refreshing green tea and moisture-absorbing ActivCharcoal are infused into pressure-relieving memory foam that cradles your shape so you awake free of aches and pains and fresh as a daisy. If the great price hasn't already convinced you, check out the user reviews — people love this mattress. It's racked up almost 87,000 five-star ratings!

Shoppers call it a "great" mattress with "good support and great cushioning at the same time." One satisfied sleeper reported: "I wake up without pain! No back pain or soreness from sleeping in the same position all night. BEST MATTRESS EVER!"

$283 $342 at Amazon

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Health & wellness

A white KN95 face mask in front of a bag reading
Breathe easy with great savings on face masks. (Photo: Amazon)

"Stealth" Omicron is spreading, so make sure you're masking up. If you need to restock, check out the Breatheze mask, which is selling fast at Amazon. The Breatheze, like your typical KN95, is multilayered and designed for an excellent fit. With this weekend's sale, you can score a 10-pack for just $15.

These masks have plenty of loyal fans, who swear they offer great protection and wearability. "I feel like I've found the best balance of safety, comfort and value with this Breatheze KN95 mask," one five-star reviewer said. "I feel confident that these will protect me from biological (i.e. SARS-CoV-2) and other environmental pollutants (i.e. wildfire smoke). I'm surprised at how much easier it is to breathe with these masks compared to the N95s I've been using. I also like the ear straps for easy on/off as opposed to the two back-of-the-head/neck elastic straps on the N95s I was using."

$15 $17 at Amazon

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Lawn & garden

A black wheelbarrow-like large planter with several green bushes on the top and both plants and gardening accessories on the bottom shelf
Savings are in bloom, so get to planting! (Photo: Amazon)

Add a dash of style to your garden setup! How, you may ask? By using the Foyuee Raised Planter Box, of course! This frankly adorable planter-on-wheels is perfect for providing ample growing space to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants while adding fun to the backyard, all whilte eliminating the need to bend over. Since it's on wheels, you can move it to anywhere you want, in or out of the sun, and even store your accessories or tools on its handy shelf. You can grab one for your own home garden this weekend for $86 — down from $110!

"I love this raised garden bed," gushed one green-thumbed reviewer. "We have two in our backyard, and the water drains very well. I even bought one for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift, and she loves it since she doesn’t have to bend down to tend her to her plants thrive in them!"

$86 $110 at Amazon

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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