Amber Heard Sings Karaoke With Cast of ‘Aquaman’

On Monday, Amber Heard shared a video on Instagram during a night out with the cast of her upcoming film Aquaman. The fun bunch was singing their best version of “Wannabe” by Spice Girls.

She wrote, “My album is dropping next Tuesday of never #keepingmydayjob.”

After a painful public divorce from Johnny Depp, Heard appears to be doing much better. She has been showing off her goofy side on Instagram lately.

Here she is flaunting her gymnastics skills. She wrote, “my cartwheel game is strong af. That will come in handy, never.”

Heard is also getting ready to play Aquaman’s wife, Mera, in the upcoming superhero flick, which of course means she’s putting in work. But leave it to this lady to add some playtime to her workouts. She wrote, “Kicking ass and taking names…and by ‘names’ I mean ‘a lot of breaks.'”

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