America Ferrera says she was forced to breastfeed in public

America Ferrera. Image via Getty Images.

America Ferrera knows that when a baby’s gotta eat, baby’s gotta eat.

In a new interview, the actress told “Busy Tonight” host Busy Philipps that she was forced to breastfeed her son in public during a recent trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

At the time, Ferrera’s son, Sebastien Piers, was less than two months old – and demanded to be fed. The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” star looked for a nursing room to feed her hungry infant, but couldn’t find one anywhere.

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“We get there and I’m like, ‘Surely the Met will have a pumping room for mothers. It’s so civilized. And there was nowhere. Not even like a bench for me to like, not even pump but like feed my 6-week-old baby,” Ferrera recalled.

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Unsure of where was appropriate to go, the star says she went to the museum’s cafeteria to breastfeed. Ferrera said she got some dirty looks when she “whipped them out” to feed her son.

Busy Philipps and America Ferrera. Image via Getty Images.

According to Motherly, the Met does have a designated “Mothers Room” for patrons to use, but has no policy against breastfeeding in the museum.

“The Met encourages mothers to breastfeed wherever they would like in the Museum, including in our designated Mother’s Room,” a spokesperson for the museum told the website in an email.

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