Amy Duggar King Says VeggieTales Was Banned at Cousin's Home in Fear of 'Kids Thinking Vegetables Talk' — Amy Duggar King Says She's 'Not Going to Be Afraid' to Speak Up Against 'Damaging Cult' IBLP — Amy Duggar King Says She's 'Not Going to Be Afraid' to Speak Up Against 'Damaging Cult' IBLP

Amy Duggar/instagram

Amy Duggar King is using her platform to hold the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) accountable — and share the surprising moments she has witnessed at her family's home.

The 19 Kids and Counting alum, 36, did not mince words on her feelings about the "damaging cult" in an Instagram post on Friday as she prepared her 436,000 followers for more revelations to come about the non-denominational Christian organization.

"Being bold this year and just not holding back!" Amy wrote. "I was never a part of the IBLP officially but I was around family members who were very much involved and on the board of it. I am just not going to be afraid anymore to speak the truth and expose the damaging cult that IBLP is."

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Amy's post also featured a TikTok with text about the time she "brought over Veggie Tales so that my cousins could at least see a cartoon," describing it as a "CHRISTIAN, wholesome cartoon."

She recalled being told: "Veggie Tales are not welcome at our house, I do not want my kids thinking vegetables talk."

"I kid you not I was told this years ago…" Duggar King reiterated in the caption. "Also I've been speaking up for a few months now——"

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Amy's uncle Jim Bob Duggar, 57, and his strict Christian family — who were featured on TLC's 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On — were devout followers of the IBLP, an organization established by disgraced minister Bill Gothard in 1961.

The IBLP movement teaches that women should be subservient to their husbands and that followers should shun dancing, dating and much of modern popular culture. Jim Bob and his wife Michelle Duggar have spoken at its seminars. Gothard, 88, led the church until 2014, when more than 30 women accused him of harassment and molestation.

In addition to her post on Monday, the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars alum also shared a clip to her Instagram Story with her mother Deanna Duggar, who is Jim Bob's sister, literally clutching their tea.

"This is just a reminder that anyone who has been a part of IBLP or anyone that was around people that were part of it or whatever, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone, everyone," she said, as Deanna emphasized, "Everyone!"

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Amy hasn't been afraid to share her true thoughts about her family's matters on social media.

In May, she spoke out after her cousin Josh Duggar was sentenced to serve 151 months (more than 12 and a half years) in federal prison after being convicted of knowingly receiving and possessing child pornography.

"Twelve and a half years isn't enough, but I hope that every single second he's there feels like an eternity," she told Celebuzz! in a statement.

She also slammed her family ahead of the sentencing, telling PEOPLE she was "furious" at them as they "refuse to hold [Josh] accountable."

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Amy went as far as to write an open letter to Josh's wife Anna, telling her there's "no shame" in divorcing him.

"Someday your kids will be old enough to understand what kind of guy their father really is," she wrote. "You can't protect them from the truth for forever! I'm saying all of this publicly so that when they do grow up, they will also know that they had family members shouting from the rooftops that they were worth protecting all along."

Amy then asked for Anna to "be the role model" that her seven children "need."

"Josh has chosen how history will remember him," she added. "By staying and supporting him you're allowing him to choose that for you, too."