Amy and Johnny's journey on 'Love Is Blind' has a fairytale ending, but are they still together today?

Johnny and Amy on "Love Is Blind" season 6
  • Amy and Johnny are the first couple to get engaged in the pods on "Love Is Blind" season six.

  • Of all the couples, they have the fewest problems shown in their relationship.

  • In the finale, they're one of two couples who make it to the altar. Here's what we know about their status today.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the "Love Is Blind" season six finale.

Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés have one of the sweetest romances on "Love Is Blind" season six.

Unlike the numerous other love triangles (and squares) in the pods, Amy and Johnny only have eyes for one another from the start. The two quickly bond over their similar senses of humor and their matching priorities.

Things only get more solid once they meet in person. As several of the couples butt heads in the Dominican Republic during the post-engagement getaway (#BeanDip), Johnny and Amy manage to stay entirely out of the fray. They do the same during the hectic pod squad barbecue back home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The biggest potential conflict we see is that they haven't had sex because of Johnny's nervousness over accidentally getting pregnant before they're financially settled and ready to be parents because Amy isn't on birth control. They also don't seem to be fully on the same page about spending and saving money, as Johnny's main priority is to be able to retire very early.

A separate issue that comes up is Amy's nervousness about Johnny getting her dad's approval to marry her, saying she's not sure she'd be able to move forward if he doesn't approve. But that's quickly resolved when the two have a very sweet meeting with Amy's father and he happily gives Johnny his blessing.

Amy and Johnny get married in the 'Love Is Blind' finale

There's very little dramatic tension in Johnny and Amy's storyline in this last episode because virtually all signs point to a yes from both parties.

At their joint bachelorette party, Amy tells AD that she's 98% sure that Johnny will say yes at the altar. She also mentions Johnny's fear of having kids before they're ready — their only major hang-up so far — and maintains that the two still haven't actually had sex (which AD playfully refuses to believe when she's talking to the cameras).

The scenes on the morning of their wedding are similarly devoid of any doubts. Amy even has one of Johnny's sisters in her bridal party, referring to her as her "future sister-in-law" — definitely not the behavior of someone who's about to crush Johnny's heart at the altar. To make it even more adorable, Amy's dad also says he feels like he has multiple daughters now, making Johnny's sister (and also me) tear up.

"We both have a huge decision to make that is for a lifetime, and I'm very certain on what I wanna do. I'm very excited," Amy says.

"I'd like to think that Johnny is on the same page as me," she continues, adding that her "biggest fear" is that Johnny gets cold feet when he's walking down the aisle and it hits him how real the situation is.

But that doesn't seem to be a realistic concern at all. Talking to his friends and family in his suite, Johnny also praises Amy and is clear that she's the one.

Sure enough, both Amy and Johnny say "I do" at the altar. There isn't even a dramatic pause built into the edit to insinuate anything other than the obvious outcome.

All in all, it's an extremely sweet day, thanks largely to Johnny and Amy's moments with their families. (Yes, I am in fact still crying over Amy's dad telling Johnny "I'm giving my treasure to you" when he brought her to the altar.)

But the "Love Is Blind" season six weddings were reportedly filmed almost a year ago. Did their marriage stand the test of time? Here's what we know about the status of their relationship today.

Are Johnny and Amy from 'Love Is Blind' still together after the show?

Amy and Johnny on "Love Is Blind" season 6

Obviously, Amy and Johnny didn't spoil the outcome of their engagement ahead of the finale. But their social media behavior all throughout the season has been extremely positive, so it certainly seems like they're still married.

The two are following one another on Instagram, which is a good sign: Amy liked Johnny's post revealing that he'd be on the show, and Johnny has also liked several of Amy's posts about being on the show.

Amy also wrote in the caption of her year-end wrap-up post on Instagram that 2023 had been "soooo good" to her, which sounds pretty positive, i.e., not like an indication of a broken marriage.

Ahead of the penultimate episode drop, Johnny shared a bunch of sweet photos from the show of the two embracing on Instagram.

"Found this one in the pods.. think I should keep them?" he captioned the post.

Even the Instagram account for Kinetic Content, the production company behind "Love Is Blind," isn't acting coy about the obvious success of Amy and Johnny's relationship. "Using these photos for our next vision board," they commented on Johnny's post.

Of course, we'll only know for sure when these two show up at the reunion.

The "Love Is Blind" season six reunion airs March 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Netflix.

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