Why Amy Schumer refused to be Hollywood beautiful in 'I Feel Pretty' (and why fame makes her nauseous)

Gwynne Watkins
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

In I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer undergoes a radical transformation without changing a thing. The romantic comedy offers up a twist on the usual movie makeover: Insecure cosmetics company employee Renee (Schumer) hits her head and suddenly believes she’s beautiful, which gives her the confidence to lead the life she’s always wanted. It’s a tricky needle to thread, but as Schumer told Yahoo Entertainment, writer-directors Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein “didn’t want me to ever see myself actually looking different … that was really important to all of us.” In fact, the more beautiful she feels, the less makeup she wears, according to Kohn. Watch the interview above.

While Schumer has never had head-trauma-induced boost of confidence (that we know of), the comedienne has undergone another major life transformation: from standup comic to movie star. Does her experience of becoming famous feel at all similar to Renee’s experience of becoming beautiful? No way, said Schumer: Fame is not a happy ending.  “Anybody who wants fame hasn’t read the news. It’s not good!” she told Yahoo. “But, I mean, it’s worth it.”  And to emphasize that, she asked Yahoo to add fake vomit to the video. How could we say no?

I Feel Pretty opens in theaters Friday.

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