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And just like that, Sarah Jessica Parker's fave anti-aging serum is down to $27

It can be frustrating to look into the mirror and see the visible signs of aging reflected back. But it's not something we have to accept lying down — not by a long shot! Instead of dropping big bucks on pricey treatments and costly luxury products, take it from style icon Sarah Jessica Parker: A little Vitamin C is the way to go to help tighten and brighten maturing skin. Specifically, Vitamin C in the form of RoC 10% Vitamin C Face Serum, which SJP included on her 2023 holiday favorites list. Right now, you can try this celeb-loved serum for just $27.

In a clinical study, the vast majority of participants experienced visible positive results after a month of using this super serum.

$26 at Amazon
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$27 at Walmart$35 at Ulta Beauty

There are other Vitamin C serums available at a similar price point at Amazon — RoC is a reliable brand with proven products that deliver results at accessible prices, so it's not surprising that this serum gets SJP's personal endorsement. Considering Vitamin C facials at spas can cost upwards of $100, and luxury-brand versions of the serum are double the cost (if not more), we suggest grabbing RoC if you're looking to experience the skin-saving benefits of Vitamin C for yourself... especially now, when it's only $27.

We first learned about this serum when it was featured on Sarah Jessica Parker's Amazon list of holiday favorites at the end of 2023. Celebrity-approved skin care can often cost a fortune — after all, they have the $$ to spend on chichi treatments, facials and products that are well out of the typical buyer's range — so when someone like the Sex and the City star is a fan of a product that's under $30, we pay attention.

The treatment works its magic thanks to its powerful 10% Vitamin C formula, which also includes energizing nonapeptides to help revitalize skin and combat the visible effects of environmental stressors such as UV rays, blue light and pollution. If you're looking for a way to fight the visible signs of aging, this is your new best friend. And if you're wondering if it really works: Participants in a clinical study of the serum reported visibly tighter, brighter and more even-toned skin after only four weeks of use.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Carried away: Just look at that glowy skin! This vitamin C serum promises to even and brighten skin tone. (Getty Images)

More than 6,000 Amazon customers have taken to the site to share their love for RoC 10% Vitamin C Face Serum — in the form of flawless five-star reviews.

"A game changer for my skin-care routine," said one user. "This daily anti-aging serum works wonders, earning it a well-deserved five-star rating. ... The results are impressive. It has visibly improved the texture and tone of my skin, reducing wrinkles and brightening dark spots. My skin looks and feels rejuvenated." Plus, they added, "With a generous one fluid ounce, the bottle lasts a long time, providing excellent value for the quality of the product."

"I'm impressed by this serum," admitted a convert. "I normally only use high-end face products ... This serum from RoC can knock out most of those products. When you apply it, you can see the instant glow it gives your skin. After a few weeks, wrinkles are less visible (obviously, they won't disappear). You can feel how it tightens your skin. It moisturizes and doesn't leave your face greasy, even if you layer up products like I do. In my opinion, this is a must."

If you're looking for something to pamper mature skin, shoppers say this is a great option. "It leaves my mature (70-year-old) skin noticeably smoother and brighter than other products, leaving the overall tone of my complexion more evened out after only a few applications, which is a huge plus for mature skin," marveled one happy reviewer. "This serum is not at all oily, and is quickly absorbed, with a little going a lonnnng way, so the bottle lasts longer than expected."

One shopper said that "I wish the bottle was bigger because I use it every day so I have to buy another one every 2-3 months."

Another agreed that size matters: "The bottle is advertised at 1 fl. oz., and there’s just no way it’s that much...The dropper is also very short and doesn’t quite reach to the bottom, so you have to pore it out which can be wasteful in my opinion...the product itself feels nice going on skin, with no irritation! But it would be nice to see a packaging redesign that helps with ease of use, and feels like it’s a full 1 fl oz!"

This serum contributes to a glowier complexion while also helping to even out skin tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

$26 at Amazon
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$27 at Walmart$35 at Ulta Beauty

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