Andrew Copp: Rangers will increase 'level of desperation' in Game 5

Despite losing the last two games, Andrew Copp believes the Rangers are in the best position they have been through three series and ready to bring an 'increased level of desperation' at home in Game 5.

Video Transcript

- We're probably in the best spot we've been through three series. We got two games at home. I think we played really good at home. We had probably two good periods and then one not so good period. And then yesterday, we just couldn't find a way to break through that neutral zone and get sustained zone time.

So I mean, I think we're all confident in where we're at right now. But there's got to be an increased level of desperation, for sure.

They're a championship team. So they got some championship habits. But also at the same time, we're 2-2. We're right there. We're one of the three teams left. So obviously, a lot of things that we've done have been successful. So I don't really think we're looking at the other side to see how they overcome adversity or what kind of game they're playing.

I think when we play our game, we're really tough to beat. And I think we're just kind of focused on ourselves and how well we can play right now.

I mean, I think it's more than just a friendly crowd. It's a crowd that anytime--


Any time things are going well, they're behind you and kind of increasing that momentum and snowballing a little bit. And then when things aren't going well, as soon as you get any sign of life, they can really kind of push you in the right direction. So I mean, I think that's part of it. Matchups is probably part of it.

It's probably somewhat mental, just in terms of, the home teams are supposed to win in general. And that's why you have the better record in the regular season to get home ice. And so I've also been in series where the road team wins every game. So you just kind of never know how it plays itself out. But for whatever reason, MSG has been a good home to us.

- Obviously, the home team finding a way to win is identical to last series so far. But yeah, it comes down to winning hockey games. You've got a best two of three. Roles are a little bit reversed. We do have home ice advantage, which is great for our group. But again, I'm sure Coach touched on it. I'm sure a lot of guys touched on it last night. It comes down to compete. It comes down to finding a way to win. And it doesn't have to be pretty this time of year. You've just got to find a way to do it.