'I wish this fine man all the best': Canadians react to Andrew Scheer's resignation as Conservative leader

On Wednesday, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced that he will be stepping down from his position in the party.

“As our party embarks on this exciting opportunity, electing a new Conservative leader and Canada’s next prime minister, I intend to stay on as leader of the party and the official opposition,” Scheer said in the House of Commons. “Serving as leader of the party I love so much has been the opportunity and challenge of a lifetime, and this is not a decision I came to lightly.”

This follows the party’s loss in the federal election earlier this year, that saw Prime Minister Justin Trudeau win a second term, this time with a minority government.

Scheer was elected party leader in May 2017, narrowly beating out Maxime Bernier for the position.

The Conservatives have faced challenges since the October election, including statements that the party did not meet expectations.

“After some conversations with my kids, my loved ones, I felt it was time to put my family first,” Scheer said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also commented on the announcement in the House of Commons, following Scheer’s statement.

“I want to thank him deeply for his service to Canada on behalf of all Canadians, on behalf on all Liberals, and I know there are many more conversations to have,” Trudeau said.

Following his election defeat, Yahoo Canada asked readers if Scheer should resign following his election defeat. The results found that the majority of respondents, 53 per cent, believed he should remain in his position as party leader.

Canadians have now taken to social media to share their thoughts on Conservative leader stepping down.

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