Anna Richardson reveals who she would like to see in the Naked Attraction booths

Anna Richardson would like to see a couple of celebrities on Naked Attraction

Having hosted risqué dating show Naked Attraction for four years, you’d think Anna Richardson might be tired of seeing naked bodies. However, there’s a couple she’d still be curious to see in the box.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, Anna joked that there’s a certain political commentator she would love to see on the show.

“I've got a massive crush on Gary Gibbon, the political editor of Channel Four News,” she told podcast host Kate Thornton.

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She continued: “Gary's always got really important things to say about parliament and I sort of look at Gary Gibbon with his silver fox hair and his very intellectual glasses and I think Gary Gibbon in the box… He might have really weird feet, funny knees, really strange balls, but I'd just love to say Gary Gibbons.”

He’s not the only newsman who received a vote to appear in the box. Host Kate said she had an admiration for Welsh news anchorman, Huw Edwards, who lives near her.

“Sometimes I'm in my park doing a little run and I see Huw working out with that with resistance bands,” she told Anna. “Huw is ripped. I might put Huw in the box!”

Podcast host Kate Thornton chose Huw Edwards as her unlikely Naked Attraction choice

The revelations didn’t stop there. Anna had one more personality she’d like to see on Naked Attraction and not for the reasons you might first imagine.

“The other person I quite like to see in the pod would be Pip Scofield,” she revealed. “Because can you imagine… what's going on downstairs? Is he still dark?”

Appearing alongside Anna on White Wine Question Time, Keith Lemon said his choices would be obvious.

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“I'd go Kylie, Winona Ryder and Belinda Carlisle,” he laughed before admitting he was also a bit taken with Brad Pitt.

Keith said that seeing people naked wasn’t an issue for him on Naked Attraction. He told Anna: “When they get the clothes on, that's when I go, 'Oh Jesus Christ.' Take your clothes back off man!”

Anna Richardson and Keith Lemon talk about their new show – and their least favourite celebrities – on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen now on iTunes and Spotify.